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Does your cat hunt?

My two babies are indoors-only, so they don't get a lot of action... However, a few months ago a miracle happened and a bird got into the house!

Poor bird! Had we been awake, we would have tried to let her out and save her... As it happens, we were asleep. We found a mutilated little body in the morning... and lots of feathers all over the apartment. They only ate the head for some reason!

They're not kittens any longer (1.5 years old) but they get very excited by the smallest insect. Poor things - we don't even have roaches at home
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Tabby loves to chase bugs - that's all she does when she's outside (on a leash).

I grew up on a farm, and one of our indoor/outdoor cats always brought home mice. She'd always throw up the stomach on the sidewalk though - not a pretty sight. One time she got a bunny and brought it into the house when no one was looking! We tried to get it away from her but she ran back out and got under the car where we couldn't get her Poor bunny. She got a rat once too.
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The hunting thing is just in their blood!! They love a good kill!! I feed my cats plenty of food, and also table scraps, but as soon as one of them catches a mouse....don't even go near it, they will growl and run off with their "Kill" It is like they suddenly have a delicasy. Go figure. And one of my cats caught a rabbit and drug it right up onto the porch to eat it and gloat.
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