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kicking litter out of box

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My new 5 1/2 month old kitty is having a great time kicking a lot of the litter out of the box--I have to sweep several times a day and it's getting old!! I keep it really clean, but she gets into the "zone" and is almost obsessive about it! Any suggestions?

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As soon as shes done try to redirect her into something more fun like a favorite toy or some grooming if shes into wanting to be clean. Eventually they seem to grow out of it.

What type of litter do you use?
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I would suggest a really deep litter box or a covered litter box (booda box) If those don't work - relax and enjoy. Your kitty could be doing things tons worse than kicking litter out of the box. FYI - they do also make litter mats to put under the box to trap the clay particles!
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My kitties had a habbit of making a large mess with the litter pan. My mother in law had this same problem so she went and bought a standard, plasitc storage container, you know the large one's you'd get that are clear and great for storing sweaters, christmas ornaments, ect. They have high sides (probably anywhere from 8 -10 inches) And it sounds like your kitty is old enough so she/he won't have a problem jumping in. If she does you can always place a box next to the litterpan so she can use it as a stepstool. This has been great for my kitties. It cuts down on mess and the containers are a lot bigger than standard litterpans (even extralarge ones) which my kitties seem to enjoy. Also the storage containers are really inexpensive. I've seen them at dollar stores for 3 bucks! I hope this helps you out. It's done wonders for my family. Good luck in your search, it can be frustrating.
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You could also try a different type of litter. I've been using Feline Pine (there's a post in Health and Nutrition about it, called types of litter, or some such) because it smells better, you can mulch it AND because it doesn't make such a mess. Even the tidiest kits tend to track the gravely clay stuff around a bit, but the Feline Pine stays in the box. Maybe with something like this your kit wouldn't find it so easy and fun to toss the stuff around?
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I have a 15 year old cat that still makes a mess with litter. I put some housebreaking pads underneath of it, and then it catches the litter and makes a little less mess. Sometimes, I think its just personality, and you cant stop it!
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My Billy has done that since day 1! He kicks litter out of the box like crazy! I got a hooded lid, though he still kicks litter out, it helps a lot. If you can find one with a door flap on it, that's better, but make sure it's a rubber flap, NOT PLASTIC!!! I bought a plastic one, and it's a piece of, umm.... well, CRAP! So, anyway, I have not been able to get Billy to quit doing it, so, I got the hooded box, and it lessens it, and I just vaccuum up the litter CONSTANTLY! Though, I do HATE it when he throws poo out.

Good luck! If you find something that works, let me know!!!
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Buffy does this too. Willow is a calmer "sweeper" when she's burying her business, but Buffy goes overboard and throws the kitty litter every which way. And I swear she enjoys hearing the litter falling to the floor, since she'll usually keep digging until there's a huge pile of kitty litter in one corner, and eventually the litter will start falling over the edge onto the floor, and she just kicks it even harder, making sure the litter scatters as far around the litter box as possible.
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