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When I went to pick up the additional traps from the SPCA the other day, the lady there gave me a paper "Trapping Instructions" ...

One of the tips on the paper says :

"Scrub the traps down w/ a low-odor detergent. A trap that reeks of Clorox or has the scent of a unknown animal could be just enough to spook the cat(s) from entering the trap. It may help to spray diluted Valerian root tea over the trap."

What should I spray the traps with before placing them out?!? Could I just use the Feliway ???

Sorry, yet another question!! ~Nise

P.s. Just wanted to add that the back of the traps where the "bait" goes, the holes are too small for the cats to get the food out of the sides So if they want the food they'll HAVE TOO go inside .....

Trap nite is Sun. nite! Will let yall know how it goes!