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I have 4 cats (5 on the weekends), and 3 of them are getting along as well as can be expected since they didn't grow up together. Then I have Sturgis, he is almost 2 years old and weighs only 7 pounds, he gets along great with one of the girls (he grew up with her) and the older one he pretty much leaves alone. Cali is a stray we took in off the street a year ago, well Sturgis is constantly harassing her the last couple of months until she screams (usually at night while we are trying to sleep). We always have a squirt bottle handy, but he still does it. I just got refills today for the Feliway and I'm hoping that will help, but the lack of a good nights sleep is starting to show. I really don't want to have to shut any one out of the bedroom at night because I love my cats sleeping with me. Any suggestions?