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Radio question of the day: 02/04/05

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Do you know where your birth certificate is?
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Yup - in my wallet.
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Yes!, in a box along with my insurance files, copy of will etc..
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Nope, sure don't!
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No I don´t know!
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Actually, I do! It's in a fireproof safe in my parent's house where they store important documents.
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Mine WAS in my purse until it got stolen about 5 years ago.
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mine's in a fire proof safe as well
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Yes, in my file rack. I also have my hospital birth certificate, with my footprints.
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Yes - in my husband's desk (mine's too messy).
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One of the few "important papers" whose whereabouts I actually DO know!
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Yes, it's on my desk with my passport. I also have a small laminated copy that was issued by the state in my wallet.
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My dad has it lol!
I think i will need to get a fireproof thing. Because you never know!
I actually was thinking of storing original photos in there and just having the "copies" around the house
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it is still with my parents... you know i should probably get it in case i ever need it, considering i live on the other side of the country... good thinking
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I have no idea.
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My mother had mine in a fireproof box in Florida.. turns out that fireproof box is not waterproof because she left it on the balcony and it rained any everything got destroyed... Oh well...
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Yes! Every now and then I need proof that I am alive.
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Yes I do!
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Its in the same file, as my kids' birth certificates, Russ' death certificate and my divorce papers. Russ' and my marriage license is in there, too.
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I have no idea whatsoever. The thought never came up.
post #21 of 25 my filing cabinet in the file that says "birth certificates."
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Dealing with the Veterans' Administration taught me to keep all important paperwork together. I even have Russ' DD-214 (Army discharge papers) in that file.
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Yup - all our birth certificates and other important papers are all together in our family files.
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Don't know actually but I'm sure it's around somewhere.
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Yep I have a copy from the province in my wallet and the original is in a fireproof safe at my Uncle's.. he has the entire families super important stuff!
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