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Girl or Boy?

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Well, thanks to some kind words from other forum members, I am definitely going to get a kitten companion for Eponine (maybe even two!). I have heard conflicting things, though:
Some people have told me that my girl would be better with another female, but most have said that I should get a boy kitten instead.
I'm so confused! Eponine absolutely could not stand my old roommate's boy cat (probably b/c of his big size and outgoing nature); she mildly tolerated her female cat.
So guys, I throw out the question: Should I get a girl kitten or a boy kitten?
Thanks y'all- have a great weekend!
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I was also told to get a girl kitten for my male cat and let me tell you she romps his big ole butt. I don't know exactly why it makes a difference, but they love each other anyway.
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I used to have 2 girl cats and neither liked the other. They tolerated each other, but there were high episodes of tension between the two. Now I have 2 boy cats and there's still some jealousy, but not downright envy. I would either get 2 boys for one boy and one girl, IMO.
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I volunteer at a shelter, and we always tell people to base it on personality, not gender. If you have a quiet female and you get a wild and crazy kitten, the relationship probably wouldn't work out no matter if it were a male or female.

See this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42550
It's on the same topic.
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