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Pine vs. Paper Litter

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I know there has been a lot said about cat litter, but I would like to hear from someone that has used both the feline pine and the newspaper pellets.

I'm presently using the Feline Pine and it has really worked great. Except for the mess! The urine dissolves the pine pellets into a fine powder that sticks to the cats feet and they track it all over the floor.

As far as controlling the odor it works great! And it's flushable. No problems there either, it's just the mess. And, it's affordable.

Am I asking for to much? To have a cat litter that controls odor, is flushable and isn't expensive.

If anyone can give me their opinion of those litters it would be great.

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Hi Sue. I've used pine litter for many years now since being a breeder, it's the only one that won't scratch a kitten's eye if it gets into it. I also like it with control of the ordors but have found out that since I change my litter frequently, it became expensive so I found out that horse bedding that you can get in feed and track stores is the same,works and looks the same. Mine is an unnamed brand but is made in Canada and I love it. I pay $6.00 for 30lbs. As for tracking, I put an outside rubber mat upside down under the box and find that it really helps. Good luck.

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My cat DAnielle was used to just shredded newspaper in the litter boxes there. (very unhealthy for 40 cats to use)..

Anyway, when she came to us, we tried the clumping litter, and she hated it. (she pooped and peed outside the box) So we changed back to just the shredded newspaper for a while. (what a smell!!)

Now, to try to wean her off the newspaper, I am using "Yesterday's Mews".... a litter made of recycled newspaper. So far so good. I still lay a small layer of shredded newspaper over it, and am gradually removing it over time.

The recycled paper "yesterday's mews" is GREAT at covering odors. The only thing is that it does not clump, so it is hard to tell what to scoop every day.

But I can tell you that we can't smell her poop anymore.

Eventually, I hope to introduce the clumping kind, but that is waaaaay in the future. I am just happy she is using the box.

Hope this helps. I have never tried the pine kind.
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