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My cat pees on my new couch!

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My 10 year old cat pees on my new leather couch. It doesn't get on the leather, but on the cushions and the part under the cushions. We had it professionally cleaned and I've put up lots of things on the couch so she can't get on it, but we're moving into a new house and this will be our main couch and I don't want to keep taking everything off it just to sit on it! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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The only thing I can think is that the smell is still there. In order to get urine out for good, you have to use an enzimatic cleaner. I am sure you don't smell it, but the cat still does. I would try getting a cleaner from the pet store and get every inch of it.
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Teach your cat to stay off the couch by leaving a towel or throw covered with sticky tape on the couch when you're not using it. Cats hate sticky stuff and will avoid the couch to stay away from the tape. This way you have to move only one thing when you want to sit down and eventually the cat will learn to simply avoid the couch.

Also, make sure you did what Sandie suggested and remove the lingering odor with enzymatic cleanzers. You might also try sprinkling a citrus scented carpet freshener on the couch since cats hate the smell of citrus.

Good luck!
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Has the cat been checked by a vet for urinary tract problems? At the age of 10, I would also check for renal problems and diabetes (esp. if you notice that the cat has changed his driniking habits). Urinating outside the litter box is often the first symptom of medical problems. Then, you need to tell whether the cat is spraying or urinating (see this article about the difference - http://www.thecatsite.com/behavior/spraying.html).

If it is urinating and not spraying, you need to consider the litter box - have you made any changes in the litter, the box or its location recently? Is the box clean enough?

I agree that you need to deter your cat from using the couch as the litter box, but you also need to find out why he's doing it and fix the cause.
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