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Months ago I posted about my kitten who bites my husband, not aggressively, but in a manner that says "don't touch me, I'm her cat not yours".

Anyhow, I've worked on all of the advice that was given, which was for my husband to do more and me less, such as my husband feeding the cat, giving all the treats/rewards, petting him more of the time and playing with him more.

Well, now my cat always gets excited when my husband comes home, brings his toys to my husband sometimes and loves to play with him... BUT, he is still biting. But now, it seems like play biting, though he does do it a bit less.

Should I be changing more with my cat? We are expecting a baby in a few months and I'm worried that this behavior might transfer to the baby as well. In our house it will be no problem to keep the cat and baby separate as we have doors to every room... but I'd rather not have to be closing any doors other than the nursery door.

He really is a wonderful loving cat, he just isn't understanding that play biting my husband is bad. Any more suggestions?
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Is he just biting hands while playing?
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