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Make a Member Feel Good~KittenKrazy!!!

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My special day has been absolutely amazing, and I will cherish these words spoken to me by you, my precious friends, always in my heart! Thank you so much, I am so full of love that I am just unable to even begin to express how much joy I feel!Thank you so much, each and every one you!

I would like to pass this great honor to Cindy, my wonderful Mentor partner who is so incredibly loving and compassionate! Cindy began the entire fantastic tradition of this thread, an act that goes right along with the caring, generous person that she is!
Anyone hurting and in need, we can be completely assured that we will see you there offering love and strength, Cindy! Most often, though, your kind deeds and soft words go completely unrecognized, because you are so selfless that you practice the majority of your loving actions behind the scenes. You are here for me absolutely anytime I need you, and you seem to always just "know" without my saying a word. You are always right on time with your pm's, emails, ecards, IM's, phonecalls, oh how many ways do we communicate? Everyday, I look forward to our talking in some form or another, even if we're maybe just checking in to say good morning, or perhaps good night, depending on our odd schedules. What best, though, is when we really have time to just sit and talk. You don't give yourself nearly the credit you deserve, my friend! You are so incredibly empathetic and truly feel the emotions the individual with whom you are talking. You constantly bring Sierra and me so much joy, and you could (and often do) keep me laughing for hours! Your friendship means so much to me!I am so blessed to have you in my life, and I could absolutely imagine no finer partner and no greater friend than you, Cindy!
Enjoy your special day!
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Good choice Stephanie!!

Cindy your a wonderful, sincere person on this site and you always care about what others are going through by offering support

I'm so pleased i know you

Oh! and now i know you own a shoe shop and a possible bakery!!!!
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Hi Cindy! Thank you for making me feel welcome and all that you do! You are a very important and wonderful TCS member! Have a great "feel good" day!!!!
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To Cindy, one I admire for her honesty and selflessness. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being you.
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Cindy Cindy Cindy.....what can I say about you!? You are an inspiration to me, a wonderful friend, and better yet, a great motivator to all our friends on here.
I just wish we lived closer so we could help your hubby set up his bakery business!! You are a true friend and I will treasure that always!
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Cindy, you (and Stephanie and Candie too!) have made a world of difference to the new members as a Mentor. I found it amazing how many more people introduce themselves in New Cats AND stay around! I credit that to the warm and wonderful PMs that you (and Stephanie and Candie) send out. You have no idea how much I appreciate how you took the Mentor position from just an idea and implemented it to bring about more returns than we ever expected.

You are a kind-hearted, giving and wonderful person, and a true asset to everything you are involved with.
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Congratulations! I hope this special day makes you realize the gifts you have in your life to touch others.
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Cindy you are such a joy to have around. Your bubbly and ultra giving personality just shines so bright 'round here and comes through with every post. Your hospitality should be studied by the most coldest people and what a difference that would make for our entire world!!!!

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Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie......what can I say to you for this, except "thanks" and you made me cry this morning right off the'll never know how much I appreciate you!

Susan, you're a sweet friend, and you have great taste in chocolate and smudge-nosed kitties!

Chris, you're such a wonderful, dear person, you'll never know how surprized and tickled I was at Chrismas!

Yayi, thanks dear, I try!

Susie, lord hon, you inspire me and bring me out of my shell more than you'll ever know!

Heidi, Thanks so much! I'm sure that Stephanie and Candie will agree, its not really so much a job, as a pleasure to be able to give something back to this community of people who gives so much to us!

Mrsd, thanks so much for that thought......BTW, have you checked out that CD yet?

E- You have one of the most giving souls that I know of, thank you for sharing it with us!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
I'm sure that Stephanie and Candie will agree, its not really so much a job, as a pleasure to be able to give something back to this community of people who gives so much to us!
So true, Cindy!
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Cindy, where would we be without you (Steph you too! Great choice!) ?!?!
You always have the perfect thing to say at the perfect time. Just by being you so much light is brought here to TCS. I could never thank you enough for the times that you may not even know you have helped me out. There are so many times that just by reading your posts or when we have spoken on IM that I instantly feel better about things that I haven't even talked about. Not many people can do that!

You are so special to me and so many others Cindy, Im glad this special day is yours.
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Cindy. Such a warm, sweet, wise person, and so welcoming -- no wonder the newbies feel at home quickly and stick around!!
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Cindy, you are always so sweet! Have a happy day and a great weekend!
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! Another terrific choice - a warm, generous, helpful "bundle of energy" who always seems to find the right things to say.
(P.S. I went ahead and made you one.)
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Congrats on your day :flowers:
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Originally Posted by jcat
! Another terrific choice - a warm, generous, helpful "bundle of energy" who always seems to find the right things to say.
(P.S. I went ahead and made you one.)
Thanks a bunch!!!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Thanks a bunch!!!
You're quite welcome!
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Hello Cindy, believe me, you deserve this and More!, thank you for sharing your wonderful person here on TCS!
Congrats for the nomination, I really wish you have a wonderful day!!!
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Cindy, you're a wonderful person worthy of all these kind words. Hope you're enjoying this day!!
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Oh!! You DO deserve this Special Day, for SURE!!!!
Thanks for always being just SO nice and helpful and kind!
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My very Logical friend with great taste in vulcans... What can I say?

You are a great listener, and a very sweet person. I have really enjoyed the times that we have chatted. Thankyou so much for being my friend. You also have great taste in tv series'
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Yay Cindy! Sorry I missed this so late... was out of town and my TCS time was so little!

I'm so glad that you were able to help me out recently and that I got to "chat" with you for a bit... you're so very sweet and helpful! I hope that I can get to know you even more now!
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Oh Cindy, I missed this. I hope it's not to late for me to add my congratulations for your special day - you welcome so many to TCS and make sure they feel comfortable. I hope you enjoyed your special day
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Thanks so much guys, I'm at a loss for words this morning! Please know that I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart, and if you need me, you know where to find me!
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