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He's letting me know when the fish is in trouble...

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L.S. is a wild and crazy kitty, but he acts just like a little kid whenever an animal is hurt. He did it when my mom had rotator cuff surgery, when the foster kitten we brought home had distemper, when I had my tonsils out, and when my last betta was dying.

He does this scared little walk up to whoever is hurting and he lets out this tiny little meow, which I could swear translates as "Are you okay? Get better soon. I want to play." Then he turns to me and gives me this look that makes me cry every time. It's almost as if he's saying, "Mom, why can't you fix this? You have to make him/her better." Gah, I'm tearing up now. L.S. looks just like a confused and concerned little boy.

Sniff. Anywhoo, I thought he only did it when someone or something was seriously hurt. I didn't think he would be able to pick up on small tiny stuff.

He started giving me that look today, and he wanted to me follow him to the fish tank about 20 times. He hadn't done this before. He even made the "get better" meow while looking at the new betta I bought for him.

I hadn't bought strips to test the tank water yet because while I have started cycling the tank fresh, it's only been a week. I was always told two weeks between tests and water changes was fine. With L.S. acting the way he was, I knew something had to be wrong. So I ran out to the store and bought the test strips, and tested the tank water as soon as I walked in the door. The ammonia was so high the betta would probably had died this weekend if I hadn't checked. (I still can't figure out how it happened. I did everything right that I was supposed to.)

The fish has been renamed Little Buddy, in honor of Little ****. (Yes, that's the cat's real name. It's my mother's fault, and the name just fits him so well. ) They've become such good friends. The fish follows L.S. around, and in the morning L.S. begs me to turn on the tank light so he can see his friend.

Part of the reason for this thread is that I wanted to brag about my little darling. The other part is that I was wondering if anyone else's cat was this in touch with other people and creatures? I have two other cats, and they never reacted at all to the distemper kitten or to the fish; only to when mom and I were in pain.
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Amazing! LS is truly special.
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Wonderful cat!
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An extraordinary cat and I love his name!
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I have seen stories of pets saving owners from various problems, but never heard of one saving a fish before. Thats worthy of an animal planet amazing animal story or something. A fish shop should give that little guy a job! He could keep an eye on all the fish tanks for bad PH levels and eat all the fish he wants.
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Something I discovered when I talked with the animal communicator after the blow up between my cats is that there are some cats who use their personal energy fields in different ways than the majority of cats. Most cats have their energy field close to their bodies. When they are stressed or worried, they extend it outward so that anything that comes into their energy fields causes a reaction - usually aggression or running depending on what enters their field. This is why intercat aggression happens among long time companions - their energy fields are extended several feet or several yards/meters outside of their actual body. Part of what I have been doing is trying to get them feeling safe enough to draw their energy fields back into their bodies and not feel so 'extended and on guard'.

Some cats though, extend their energy fields throughout their whole 'home'. My Bear is one of these. They tend to be very sensitive, very aware, and very susceptible to what is going on in the household, both good and bad. It is part of 'who' they are and they can't actually change it to contain their energy field closer to their bodies. These cats are the ones who 'act up' when there is stress they can't handle among family members, or who internalize the stress and actually can become sick if they dont' find a way of releasing it.

It sounds to me like your little guy may be one of these. He has spread his energy field throughout his whole house, and when something is not right within that 'field' he knows it. He has found a very effective way of letting you know what is wrong, and asking you to make it right. It is like he 'feels' the disharmony of the illness himself. You may find that he is kind of like the canary in the coal mine, and keeping attuned to him and his responses will go a long way to helping you find and address any potential problems before they become problems.

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Kathryn, I never thought of it that way! I know that people can be empaths.(I used to be when I was younger, it's not as strong now). It never crossed my mind that cats (or other animals) could have the same gift/curse.

Yeah, he's very protective of that fish. I'm not allowed to touch the tank without his supervision. If I feed Little Buddy, L.S. is right there watching my every move. You should have seen him when I was forced to change some of the tank water to save the fish. The water level was dropping and the fish was freaking out, and so was L.S.! Sigh. I went ahead and got an albino cory (it's an off-white catfish) to help with the tank waste, and L.S. spent most of the night playing with it through the glass. (And as soon as I can find some, I'm planning on getting some ghost shrimp for myself . I'm a crustacean lover, L.S. is a fish lover, so I'm learning to compromise.)
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Cats have extending engery fields? Um.. Ok.. do you know where I can buy a pyramid hat too? :P Wow.. don't take this the wrong way, but I think your a bit out there.
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Cirque, have you ever just "known" when something was wrong with a close friend or family member? Or just when a situation "felt" wrong? The idea of "energy fields" is based on that. That some people and animals, have the gift (I call it a curse) to catch even the smallest changes in other people and situations.
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Originally Posted by Cirque
Cats have extending engery fields? Um.. Ok.. do you know where I can buy a pyramid hat too? :P Wow.. don't take this the wrong way, but I think your a bit out there.
Hehehe, Yes, I know, Cirque,

Sometimes concepts like these which are not part of the main-stream perspective come across as 'out there'. It is okay if you have difficulty with this concept, and there is certainly no where that it says you have to accept it just because I have mentioned it either:-).

What I do know is that based on my own personal experiences I have no difficulty in accepting this as valid. I have long been aware that there is far more to our 'reality' than what I am able to see and hear, and the more open I am to that realization, the more able I am to recognize 'spirit' or 'soul' or 'essence' - whatever you wish to call it - at work. I think it is the case that once something is part of your experience you can begin to recognize when you see it happening, and in retrospect, can look back and see when it happened before but you hadn't recognized it as such. Until you have that experience, however, you just don't have the framework available with which to recognize the occurence, so don't even know to look for it.

btw - I think you can make a paper hat from folding newspapers that would work quite well - those are kind of pyramid shaped, right?

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If a pet owner is crying on their bed and their cat comes up and sniffs them, sure it may "appear" the cat has a "sixth sense" and is somehow concerned knowing their owner is suffering mentally, but in reality they are hearing a noise, often familar because its their owners voice, and going to check it out. Considering a cat can hear their owners car a block or more away and know its theirs, that is not unusual or special. It is normal, natural and in no way uses "energy fields", just good ears.

If a fish tank has to much ammonia in it, a cat's nose can tell that. It does not require the use of "energy fields", simply the ability to detect ammonia somewhere that it is not "normally" found for the cat to have a problem with it. Since urine breaks down into ammonia, maybe the cat thought someone peed on the fish and it upset him. Or for all we know the cat had been watching the fish or other fish or has a natural instinct to know what behavior patterns are "normal" and saw something that wasn't, again, no "energy field" is involved.

If a house is burning down and a cat smells smoke and starts to cry waking the family, that is not "engery fields" either I hate to say, its a cat not wanting to be burnt to a crisp. Does this mean the cat extended its "energy field" and "felt the fire's energy field" and reacted? Um No, I seriously think not.

Energy can be measured and shown through scientific methods, take a picture of your cat or hook up some wires and lets see the actual proof of the "engery fields" being manipulated, extended, retracted, or even witnessed.. frankly, I will not hold my breath because no such proof is or will be forthcoming. How far has man progressed in the field of science and how long have cats been around, if there was something to this it would be backed up in text books and taught in high school biology class.

Cats have incredible senses of smell, hearing and eyesight. Their body is covered with fur and whiskers and very intune with air changes because of it. Cats study body language in humans and animals and react based on previous experience, instinct and their own personality and whims.

Now that all being said, if you want to think your cat is some kind of telepathic mind reader empath who should be telling fortunes, by all means, get a crystal ball and start charging. For myself however, I will continue to be a bit skeptical and think that they are simply animals who are intune with their enviroment, sometimes a bit to much for their own good, but nothing more. I will not worship them as other cultures have, I will not attribute supernatural powers and abilities to them, and I will not begin to think that my cat can "read my mind" or anything else other then watching body language and listening to vocal patterns and stress.

It amazes me that people in this day and age would begin to think their cats have such amazing powers and now I am waiting to hear someone's story about how their cat was really dropped at their doorstep by the alien ship that abducted them last weekend while they were drunk.

But hey, have fun with your pet and think what you want, Noone will stop you. Some of us might voice our opinion right back at you, but your welcome to yours the same as we are welcome to ours, or in this case me to mine.
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