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urine leakage

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i have a belinase cat 2 years old healty.
the last 8 days she start to leakage urine in small amount at several places at home.
i took her to the vet he did urine analysis it was clear negative for crystal ,the bludder was thickend and swelled he checked bacterial culture it was negative
he suggested that its vaginitis gave us recepie for ATB
after 4 days the situation continued he changed the ATB for fungicide
after 4 days nothing change
i dont know how to continue from this point if any one have an idea
i would priciate it
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If all of the urinary tract infections have been ruled out, I would maybe ask for a blood panel and xray. Of course 4 days is not very long to give a treatment to work. Did any of the tests come back as being positive for yeast,bateria,fungus?
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Hila, I would ask for a second opinion. Where do you live? The best expert on cats in Israel is Dr. Yariv Rudman from The Amuta Lema'an HaHatul (Israeli Cat Welfare Society). I suggest you call him and ask for his opinion. Tell him that Anat from Shoonra told you to call.

(Note for non-Israelis - www.Shoonra.com is my Israeli cat website and Anat is the Hebrew version of my name )

To reach him, call the Amuta at:
09-8912094 and ask for Yariv the vet. They will tell you when he is available and can also refer you to his private clinic.
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