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Ghibli sends his love!

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Hello! This is me, And Paige,, and Miss mean Molly

Aren't I regal?

See this is me at a profile!

I love Daddy's Chair!

but I love Daddy more!

I lost my toy in Daddy's boot!

This is Paige.. she's trying to look "dreamy" I looooove her.

This is Daddy trying to get her to show her belly. But that's her private Parts!! (they tease her because she wears white panties.. whatever that means....)

And this is Molly. She's mean to me, but I still kind of like her.. She's happy right now, cause momma's telling her she's a pretty little hussy (cause she's showing off her boobies)

Mommy wishes she could make more pictures of Paige and Molly, but on account of the bright blinkie thing hurting our eyes, she can't get good pics of them unless it's morning (And they always stick their noses on the camera, so they come out strange.) Momma says I'm a poser!
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aaaww...they are all so adorable!!!
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Ghibli, you sure know how to pose for pictures! You make a fantastic model!
Paige and Molly are awesome too.
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Paige, Ghibli and Molly!, you three are sooooo adorable!!

Brilliant pictures!
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I think Paigey is prettier than Molly, though, cause she's patchey like me, and she's sooo soft!! (And cause Molly always swats me hard and hisses when I get too close) I pet Paige, though, and sometimes she will wash my ears, so I will wash hers. And Sometimes daddy puts the tip of my ear in his mouth.. ...mommy says it's cute.

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Denise, they are all beautiful kitties!
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They are beautiful, love the pics.
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You have such an adorable family!!!!
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Your girls are gorgeous Denise, but Gibby takes my breath away!
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Beautiful cats!
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LOL! I loved the narration and the pictures!! CUTE!
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So cute! I just love Ghibli!!!
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