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well just think, its not really kids who get ideas its only psychos like jack ass.
i mean ew they eat their own vomit again.
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Originally Posted by ccoccocats
Tanya, the two commercials with the dog and the bear are showed in fun with no incinuation of any type that the dog was, is, or will be mistreated. The T-Mobile commercial does imply misuse or abuse to what the dog is in for. I find that unnecesary.

I couldn't care less if children were or were not in commercials. That wasn't my point I brought up at all.

My point is the commercial that leads the imagination to only assume what happens next. This is where certain kids, or certain adults for that matter, may mistreat their animal in "fun". You can't tell me you've never heard of kids torturing animals because of what they've seen done on T.V. or anywhere else. I don't know how else to explain my point "to YOU" other than how I have already.

I respect the fact that you've made your point, you think it's funny. I don't. Accept it. I have.
The only reason I mentioned children is because they are just like the innocent animals you mentioned, which was why I was asking how you felt about them. Also, just to clarify. I do not find humor in animals being mistreated in any way. In this commercial the dog was not mistreated therefore it was funny.
I asked where you draw the line with the advertising because I saw a commercial yesterday with a squirrel waterskiing. I got to thinking, what if a kid decided to try that out. The squirrel would be harmed.
You mentioned this advertisement here on TCS to have open discussion on how you felt about things. I have not argued with how you felt just discussed my thoughts on what was said. I believe thats what we are here for
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You know, when I was in High School Science labs that required the wearing of gloves, it would not fail for soemtone to snap a glove on like that and yell I'm going in" It's not all that strange to me, therefore. I think the adds that tehy do with the humans in the T-mobile ads are more abusive than what they do to the dog. And, the dog is seen at the end of the commercial completely unscathed. (plus, the thought of a dog's stomach on hold is immensely amusing.)
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I haven't seen that one
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