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Prayers needed for lost cat Molly

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Hi everybody,My daughters cat has been missing for four days now and she is heartbroken which I understand.
She recently moved into her new house in Ireland and kept Molly in for the first two weeks but now Molly has gone missing and its day four so we are all so worried and I feel helpless as I live in US.
She has put up posters in and around the village and I am hoping that some kind person has taken Molly in and will soon see one of the posters.
Does anybody have any suggestions on finding a lost cat?
Please pray for Molly's return and thank you.
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here is an article about finding lost cats
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Oh, I will definitely pray for Molly's return. I have a cat named Molly, too, and like your daughter, am very attached to her.

Molly, come home!!!
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Thank you snoeleap and hissy,I really appreciate it.
Hissy,I just read that article and it has some great advice ie the smelly sneekers thing and best time to go out looking is 2 am ish,great article and I will send it to her,thanks
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We are adding our prayers & putting a lit candle in the window! Our thoughts are with you, Molly! Susan, Icy,JC,Joey & Cinders
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Sorry Snowleop,just realized I spelt your name wrong.That picture of Molly and Penelope is wonderful,they look like great buddies.My daughters Molly is an adopted slate gray siamese beautiful and friendly which makes me think some neighbour has taken her in and hopefully will see one of the posters soon.
Cheers Sunzy
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Catsknowme,Thank you sooo much,I am starting to think positive again.
Cheers Sunzy.
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Good golly, Miss Molly, please come home, you are greatly missed. Mega NYC come home vibes are being sent STAT!
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Hopefully this can help as well?
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Good luck with finding Molly. There is nothing worse than not knowing where a beloved pet is. Ihope your daughter has good news soon.
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Oh, I do hope she finds Molly soon. I can only imagine how upset she must be. Tell her we are all rooting for her and Molly. Please keep us posted.
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i read that 90% of cat make it back home safe and sound and most are in a two mile radias of your home.

i'm sure she'll come back, just dont give up
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Oh, Molly, please come home! I'm praying for your safe return!
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I hope the kitty comes home soon!!
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Oh, I hope she comes home soon.
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I hope your Molly comes back to you. I'm sorry you are going through this. I wouldn't worry too much right now. I used to have a cat that would dissappear for 1-2 weeks at a time like every other month or so. I didn't know where he went and it used to worry me to no end. But he always found his way home. You could also put up posters in your neighborhood and talk with neighbors about her. They could be your eyes and ears too when you are not home. I hope this helps ease your mind. I will be praying she comes back to you. Try to stay positive and keep us posted.
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