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Norweigan Forest Cat (NFC) Traits

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We believe that our Gracie is part NFC due to her coat, markings, and shape. She is not a very affectionate little girl and does not really purr. On rare occasions, you can barely feel a vibration in her neck like it is a very diffuse purr. She is very curious, helpful, smart, bright-eyed, alert, but is very causcious on what is going on and does not care to much to be petted. Are these normal traits for a NFC?


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Here's an article written by a breeder of NFC

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Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Would also like to hear from owners/breeders of NFCs. Thanks again,

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Do you have any pics? They are lovely cats!
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I have two beautiful NFC's My male is very loving and loves to play and tear up the house. He has a great personality. I've only heard him purr a couple times. They are usually very quiet when it comes to vocalizing. They make chirps and small meows. I have had experience with a few females and they dont seem to be as loveable as my male. Unless they are in heat or pregnant. But I do believe from my experience with cats that most females are not as sweet as males. These cats are very intelligent. I have a litter due in a couple days. I'm so excited!
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My little wegie girl is very sweet and smart, she loves to follow me around the house. She does purr and she does talk sometimes but when she talks her voice is not like a normal cat, wegies have a different voice. As far as deciding if this cat is a wegie or not, its hard to say. These cats are really from Norway, they are a relitivily new breed, the first breeding pair was imported to the US in 1979, so they aren't exactly running the streets. Chances are she is not a Wegie, or even part Wegie, because they are relitivly rare.
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I agree. I do not think she is a NFC but wife wanted me to see if anyone could help identify her. I think she is missing a trait or two like the thicker hair in certain spots. Either way, Gracie is my beautiful little girl.

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Well I don't think Ms. Gracie is a NFC. One of the great things about Wegies and Maine Coons is that they are a "natural" cat, they are developed to be "working cats" meaning they have to hunt and survive in the wild. Regular ol' mixed breed cats are also developed to hunt and survive the wild, so you get a lot of look-a-likes. A Persian would never survive outside, thats why you don't see cats that look like Persians living in feral colonies, but you do see cats that look like Maine Coons living in colonies. Whatever Gracie is she is a very beautiful cat and she is lucky to have a good owner.
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