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My first bite!!

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Well the initiation is complete! I got my first dog bite today and good god did it hurt! And did it bleed too! Was a very nasty chow mix who didn't take kindly to having a shot and getting himself checked out... Didn't help that the owner didn't put his muzzle on right either!!!

Now I know something like that is obviously a risk with my job and I'm OK with that. I get scratched all the time. The worst part about it was that the owner seemed like she couldn't care less. She gave me a short "I'm sorry" and that was it. At first I noticed it but didn't really because I was wrestling with the pain in the butt so he couldn't get me again. (Scary stuff!!) After that I realized how much it hurt and noticed the blood dripping and my eyes started welling up And now I have a nice and swollen painful thumb

I hate owners like that!!!!!
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Well I hope your clinic allowed you to properly treat the wound right away. Dog bites are as nasty as cat bites and can get infected easily.
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Sorry to hear you got bitten. Ouch!
The owner was probably too embarrassed to react otherwise. Or the dog has done it so many times she's desensitized.
But I hope you feel better soon.
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Welcome to the club. I worked at a shelter for a while and a cat got me good. Ensure you clean it out really good and a course of antibiotics may be indicated. Do not wait until signs of infection appear. By then, you would be behind in proper treatment.
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I'm sorry to hear about your bite! It's always really nice when the owner warns me that the dog gets nervous easily! That is like owner speak for my dog will bite you and need a muzzle! haha. I've been lucky so far (knock on wood!!!) and haven't had a real bite. I've been quick so far and moved out of the way in time. I've had numerous animals try to bite me though! But working at an emergency clinic it's not surprising since the majority of the animals that come through are in pain. Anyways, take care of that wound. One of the vets I work with ended up in the emergency room 4 days after she was bit by a chow chow...it suddenly got extremely infected! Not to mention that it will be extremely sore on the 2nd and 3rd days afterwards! Take care and good vibes for a quick and easy healing!
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Oh no! Sorry to hear that. It really is traumatizing when you get bit. I got attacked by a pit bull mix while on the job back in October (I worked at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and we had to take customers to their homes when they returned cars). I was bitten several times pretty badly. I used to love dogs but now, I have panic attacks when big dogs come near me. I don't know if I'll ever get over that. Anyway, I hate that happened to you and SHAME on that owner. People who aren't responsible enough to have dogs that can hurt people shouldn't be allowed to have them.
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We have an older woman (who we call Nanny) who works at the front desk that promptly took me into the pharmacy and cleaned me up. lol Lots of peroxide and TAO on it. I also have some Cipro (an antibiotic) from the last time I was bit by a cat so I am prepared!

It does hurt pretty bad so hopefully I won't have to do much today.

I am sorry to hear what happened to you Kelly. I can imagine how scary that must have been. Hopefully you can get over your fear. Until yesterday, it was always the little dogs that I have trouble with. I like big dogs -- except this one of course!!
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my kitty bit my bf a few weeks ago and he had a big lump on his thumb!
he deserved it though i told him not to let the cat attack him like that
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