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Male Urges

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Well my oldest male cat Pringles has been neutered for about 2 months now and still is having "urges" I guess you would call them with a certain throw I have in my bedroom. Before he was fixed he was in LOVE with this throw! (never sprayed it just in love if you know what I mean) He gets on top and bites and pulls and well you know the rest! Purring so loud I can hear him downstairs!

What to do what to do about my little horn toad??? The vet just laughs when I tell him and says it's normal. But geesh! Not like he can accomplish anything with a throw for sure!
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It takes awhile for the testerone to leave their system. You just have to wait it out. You can buy some Feliway spray and treat your throw to a generous spraying of it to calm down his urges.
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be thankful its not your arm! depending on how old you cat is it will take a little while for those male hormones to get out of his system. i would start to worry until after 4 months after the op. unfortunatly it might be an ingrained behaviour trait now
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jinx hissy, we answered same time!
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Oh yes not the arm! lol I just call him my little horn toad Can you get that Feliway at walmart or just something you can get at a petsmart? He really isn't hurting anything and when he is caught in the act he just looks at me with his big eyes like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar! lol
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as i'm from the uk i'm not that sure but i think you can. if not try to order it online. just do a search for it.
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