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Halloween and cats

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Cats, especially black cats, and safety for Halloween.

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Good article. Sunshine is all black with stunning yellow eyes. She is definitly "halloween" looking.
She doesn't go out, but since I'll be giving out candy I think I'll keep her in the basement so she doesn't accidentally slip out between my feet! And the kittens will definitly be confined that night, they are so fast when that door opens!
Thanks for the link Lorie!
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WE aren't going to be home this weekend because we are going out and on Halloween(the 31st) I have to work so no candy passing out for me.
Oh well, it's better that way, I mean no more "leftover" candy and so no more unwanted pounds.
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Thank you, Lorie for posting this! I've been meaning to post on black cats and Halloween, but it slips my mind every time!

The local SPCA won't adopt cats out for the entire month of October and also for 2 weeks into November as a safety precaution.
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It's good of you to remind us of the perils facing our beloved cats on Halloween. My black-clad friend Tonya will be staying indoors, as usual. I'll also be, um, detaining my new buddy Bill for the duration — which will be quite the experience, as he'll insist upon going out! (His methods of asserting a desire for the out of doors are quite compelling.) But, as he's mostly black and is a cat, I'll have to be Mr. Bad Guy for a few days.

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Midnight used to hide under one of the beds when the trick or treaters came (too much noise and activity) so we didn't have to worry about her getting outside!
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