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Worms, Need Help

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A few weeks back, I found on my floor what looked like a broken rubberband and threw it in the garbage and didn't think much of it. Just now I found the identical thing on a shelf my cats climb on. Could this be a dead roundworm? Please help, I want to make sure my kitties are ok, not to mention the sanitation of my home !
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Your best bet is to take a fecal in for your vet to test, instead of relying on a board full of people who can't see the item or the cat. If your cat has roundworms you will need to treat it with a vet's intervention anyway. Good luck
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I was just asking an opinion of someone who might have encountered the same thing I did. I'm not relying on anyone. And I am taking her to the vet, but I am in the middle of a move and have $200 in the bank. So in the mean time I am asking help from someone who might know a thing or two about it. After all that is the purpose of a message board. And frankly for an administrator you aren't very helpful. I asked for help, not a condescending attitude.
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I was not being condescending. I am simply telling you that your vet is the one qualified to tell you what this is since he can see it and we can't. I was pointing out the obvious, take a fecal to your vet have him test it and if it is worms then he will be the one to treat it. Roundworms generally come out in clumps not one at a time, at least that has been my experience with it.
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I'm sorry, Cate, but we encounter far too many people who are looking to replace veterinary care with an online diagnosis. We will always recommend that you see a vet if you have a potential health issue.
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A fecal should cost around 15 dollars, and it can be done without bringing your cat in for an appointment. Call your vet and explain the financial situation. (I know mine is always willing to work with me!). If he says it's roundworms (could be tapeworms, too), then I believe treatment should be the cost of de-worming meds and/or flea meds that can treat worms. (I've yet to deal with problem, thankfully!) Those medications shouldn't run you more than 40 or 50 dollars.

If she doesn't have parasites, then at least your vet is aware of the situation and can advise you as to what you should do!
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