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quitting smoking

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so today is my first day!!!! Finding it abit more easier than previous attempts to try and quit. I havent smoked since 9.00pm last night so thats 18 1/2 hours , lets hope the rest goes just as well!
wish me luck everyone
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Carrie i really hope you do stick this out and i wish you lots of luck to get you through it because you've probably already read in past threads about my mum and brother getting mouth cancer?!

It must be hard but you know were all here to support you!
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YAY!!! you should be proud of yourself ... I have never smoked so I cant imagine how hard it is to quit... Last year I gave up Pepsi which was a huge deal for me.. and I still would drink one in a heartbeat!!! I have been begging my husband for years to quit smoking.. I really dont think he has much interest in quitting..... Good for you!! Hang in there and Keep Up the good work
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I didn't see this when I just posted about quitting! Good Luck to you!
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Keep it up!!! just think... no more smoke smell on EVERYTHING!!!
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Good Luck Let us know how it goes.
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We're behind you 10000%! Like I posted in the other quitting thread, the urge for a cigarette only lasts 60 seconds. Find something else to do and it WILL pass! My SO used to hammer a nail into a board. By the time he was done, he had gone thru an entire box of 6p nails and a 6' 2x4! The hard part lasted about 2 weeks for him.
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Good luck. If you find yourself struggling, consider doing something like hypnotherapy. It can work wonders!
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Good quit vibes coming your way
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GOOD LUCK... I hope you quit! Depend on friends to get you through. I'm trying to help someone (read: bug the crud out of someone so he tries) quit smoking so I know it's hard.
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Go Carrie, Go! :bump: Yes Sweet Chick! you can Do it! Sending Good vibes from México!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS .I remember reading in the newspaper it broke down how your body recovers after quitting smoking-like regaining the ability to reason taste and appreciate your food, the carbon monoxide level in blood decreases and become easier to breath. There are some really good websires (US websites) they should give you more willpower. Think of all the money you will save!!

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Way to go, Carrie, we're so proud of you!We're behind you all the way!
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awwww thanks so much everyone , i was struggling a bit today, untill i came on here and read all of your comments, so today is my second day, still not smoked, heres to tomorrow
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And you can do it!!!. Are you going out tonight?, because if you are it could be a big mistake with a smokey pub to tempt you!

Stay in and watch Coronation Street instead!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
And you can do it!!!. Are you going out tonight?, because if you are it could be a big mistake with a smokey pub to tempt you!

Stay in and watch Coronation Street instead!
its ok susan, id already planned that anyway, im not goin out 2nite or tomorrow! Corrie will have to do tonight
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The first 24 hours are the hardest. Giving you lots of willpower vibes!!!
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