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My cats are mousers!!!!!

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Ok, I rent a small 2br house that was built as an addition to a big 3br house next door. My mother has the same landlord and is interested in renting the other house. The landlord said the house needed some work, so we offered to do it (we needed the money). We get into the house and my jaw simply hits the floor.... ceiling is caving in, beadboard covering walls, floors coming apart.... It was a nightmare!! But, nothing that couldn't be fixed. So, We start by tearing down the beadbord in the upstairs bedrooms only to discover holes in the drywall, exposed brick, and a flee of mice!!! I kinda figured that the mice would start coming into my house with all the commotion going on from the demolition next door, so I called terminix, whom I already had a contract with.

While the demolition is going on, I'm taking care of my mom's 2 cats, so all together, I have 7 cats in my small house. All get along surprisingly well.

Last night, we noticed my mom's cat, Sabrina, had something hanging out of her mouth that was attracting the other cats. Took a closer look and realized she had caught a mouse!! Sabrina doesn't even have front claws!! Kurtis catches mice outside in the summer, but never eats them. Which is good because you never know what diseases they have. I didn't want Sabrina to eat the mouse, so I went to get a napkin to pick up the mouse, and by the time I bent dont to grab it from beneath the chair, Sabrina had devoured the whole thing.

Then, this morning, my 6mo. old kitten, Abigail, was making a lot of noise in the closet. Things were falling and I saw her fly up in the air. I went to stand up to walk over and see what it was, and she came running out with a mouse dangling from her mouth!!! The mouse was too big for her to eat so she just hoarded it as her personal play toy!

My cats have made me sooo very happy!!! I keep telling them 'thank you'. When I say 'Go get them mousers!' they get all excited!!!

I'm still trying to understand how Sabrina caught that mouse without her having any claws
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Just because they don't have claws doesn't mean they can't hunt. Females make the best mousers. You would be wise to keep your cats' dewormed during this process of eradication of the rodent population. Call your vet and let him know what is going on, because mice have fleas and fleas cause tapeworms. They don't have to be eaten for the cats to become infected. Keep your cats de-flead safely with advantage or frontline from your vet to further protect them.
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Your cats must be so pleased with you for providing them with such fun toys!

I remember years ago when one of my cats had been injured while outside (not sure what happened) and had a broken jaw that was wired shut. I would take him outside under supervision walking on a harness and lease after that. One day we were walking along the sidewalk when he made this quick lunge at the bushes next to the sidewalk and came back with a bird in his mouth! He had killed it instantly and while I dislike the fact that he caught the bird, I was so impressed by the fact that he had caught the bird with a jaw wired shut.

One quick note - you mentioned you had contacted terminix with whom you have a contract - are they an extermination company? The concern I have is if they fufill their contract by using poison to exterminate the mice, there is a serious risk to your cats if they catch and eat the mice. You might want to discuss what methods they use with them to ensure the cats are not at risk if they do catch more mice.

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