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Darlene, like you would remember ANYTHING from last night!
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By the way, congrads on kicking the spam the farthest! You were spectacular! You really ought to think about joining the womans soccor team.
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There is no intelligent life in this room.... At least not yet anyway. I pulled Mr. Cat out of the dryer earlier- he was trying to get the wrinkles out of his buffy costume, lost his equilibrium and fell in. He is now sitting on the kitchen floor feng shuing with the empty beer cans.

Let's see Deb is still passed out on the couch and hasn't realized we put her bra in the freezer (trick or treat Deb) Guess she will be tardy to class today. She better get up soon because we desperately need coffee.

Darlene is in the kitchen with AP supervising omelettes and when AP isn't looking Darlene is adding something to the omelettes that she claims is "parsley" Mmmmm......

Donna is cleaning the litterboxes she says they smell better than all of us combined.

Hissy is looking for nite's camera she said she wants to confiscate the films before they fall in the wrong hands.

Cleo is whipping up her special hangover remedy so I suggest we form a line soon to have some of the hair of the dog that bit us.

Debby got up early to go to worship she said she would pray for all of us!:daisy:

michelerad! PUT THOSE KITTIES DOWN! They have a home already!

And the guest of honor herself is really here honest, somewhere! Is that her under the bed? No, that is just her shoe, hmm smells like wine. Ok, she is playing hide and seek. Somebody look in the loft she may be up there writing poetry. "Come out come out wherever you are! Ally...ally...allson...free...free...free..." Is she outside grabbing a smoke? Somebody check the trash compactor maybe she fell in? Hmm looks like the games are still on from last night. AP where is that bottle of aspirin? Everybody gulp some down, let's eat these funny tasting omelettes and go looking for Blue! But stay away from the hall closet because last seen Kittyfoot and meme were headed there.
"Where's the TOOTHBRUSH?"
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Oh my head! Those cocktail weenies gave me heartburn and those hot flashes aren't helping any.

That was a great party!

The last time I saw THE toothbrush you're talking about, I just got through scrubbing the cat boxes with it. Anyone own a PURPLE Reach toothbrush? Michele, you missing a toothbrush?? Mine's a PURPLE Oral-B.

Great to have you back blue!

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*lifts head up from toilet to wave HELLO!*

good morning everyone, thank you all for your rather fitting welcoming :clown:

i've missed all of you.

i must make some coffee
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Don't BOGART that Omelet, Donna! I hope Ken doesn't call the MP's out. . . . (anyway, Sandie had her share of Heinekens and omelets too!) Blue, if you are writing poetry about this party it better be an epic similar to Canterbury Tales ! Good old Chaucer; they don't write 'em like that anymore. . . . .
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Eat up everybody, it's time for the awards! (you're right, Darlene, the omelets DO taste better with your special parsley. But now I'm hungry again. Anybody got any munchies? I would some leftover halloween candy! )

*The most creative use of cheese whiz goes to...(drumroll please)

Kittyfoot & Meme! Nice going guys, now I don't ever want to see that again!

*The best speller after drinking a case of heinkens is....

Deb! And you did an excellent job keeping everyone in line! (was it REALLY nessessary to crack us on the knuckles with your ruler?!?!?)

*most effective at making drunk people cry...

Donna! You never fail to tell it like is, and for that we you! In fact the cable guy is still crying & we're all out of kleenex now!

*biggest bogarter of the party favors...

Darlene! and by the way, thanks for bringing them! It's always nice to take a trip on the wonder bed. :blossom:

*Best spam sculpture...

Mr.Cat! I really liked how you incorporated the cocktail wienies! just brilliant! (sorry about Darlene kicking it across the room )

*Most imaginative use of cat hair...

Mary Anne! now we all have our own pot holders! That was so thoughtful. thanks!

*Most experienced with dealing with drunks....

Cleo! You really came in handy last night! Although I'm not sure that 'time-outs' were really necessary

*Best behaved...

Debby! the restraint you showed was admirable! thanks for keeping things from getting even more out of control than they were!

*Worst speller when sober (and anytime)

Colby! need I say more?

*Least time spent at thier own party...

Blue! or maybe you were just avoiding us?

now let's all help Mary Anne clean this place up! It's a pig stye!
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Wow! Look at the time. Is it that late? Gotta go wash my cat. Sorry I can't help clean up.

Great party and thanks for the award! I'll cherish it always. Don't forget and always remember "God takes care of idiots and children".

Peace, love and groovy two's.

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ha ha Colby, some of us actually work yknow

seriously, sorry you guys, i'm just trying to get in the flow of things again.

within myself, i mean.
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What day is this? Did I have a good time? *yawns*

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you DID have a good time! Once we get the pictures back, I'll show you!
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Here drink some of Deb's special coffee brew so you can wake up! You promised us a special treat! You were going to recite The Constitution backwards...come on now, you promised!
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At this juncture, "the constitution backwards" would include everything I ate over the past several hours. It would not be a pretty picture!

Ahh! Thank you for the Irish coffee.


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Okay, not to be pointing any fingers or anything...but where the heck did my Tip Jar :jarswim: go?
oh wait, here it is by the litterbox...ugh...dollars are NOT catlitter
Donna! :laughing2:

Oh well, was a great party anyway!
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I found these floating in the kegger- I don't know what they were doing there, but I'll just email them to ya okay? Just as soon as they dry out that is!

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Hissy, you keep the ... after the litterbox/tipjar fiasco, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with gratuities from this party!

I'd love an omelette though, can ya just use a bloody mary instead of the parsley, I swore off parsley after I...well, nevermind.
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QUOTE from Threeleggedkat....

, I waited all nite and she is NOT HERE YET!!! FYI, Mr.Cat is NOT a pretty site the morning after; wobbling around in heels without his Buffy wig and one fake boob lower than the other. . . . . All I can say is; there better be Great omelets for brunch! My mouth feels like a litter box three days past changing. . . . . Anyone bring a tooth brush? What do you mean I can't borrow it!!!!!!! Debby, you are not getting in the spirit of "Morning After Buddies" at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did MeMe and KittyFoot ever show up? Whose housecoat is this in the middle of the floor!?? Okay, never mind!

Darlene!!!!!!! I missed the party!!!!!!!!! I am so sad...
I have been sick since Monday and have strep throat/upper respitory infection according to the Dr. so I wasn't online till now, and I feel so bad for missing the party!!!

Blue, Sorry I missed it, I was sick....but I am SO glad you are back!!! And I am so sorry I missed seeing Joe in his wobbly heels without his wig and one fake boob sagging... :laughing:
Of all the times I have to be sick, it is when something exciting is going on, like your return, and I miss it...
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Glumph...ummm Great party folks....I'd help with the cleanup(reeeeeally I would)but I gotta go figure out where I left the truck.
Sorry about the coathangers..I didn't know they could be used for that. Aaaahh..Donna...found these pink frillies in my shoe...got your name on em. I coulda sworn someone had a video camera..Oh Well!!!
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Uh, hello?

My head is POUNDING

Do you think you could keep the whining down to a minimum, Deb? Sorry you're sick but I've got a WICKED hangover!:rednose:

(*whispers* *God I promise NEVER to drink that much ever again if you get me through this* (as she whispers into the porcelain bus waving her wooden leg in the air)


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Donna, didn't you go home to wash your cat? Since you're still here, can you empty out the ashtrays & clean up all the empty beer cans?

thanks, you're a doll
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Now that your cats are clean, my litterboxes are dirty again- would you mind?????
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As long as I get to keep anything of INTEREST left in the ashtrays or money found in between the seat cushions. And I'm NOT scooping litterboxes either! So there!

Oops, look at the time, I really need to blow dry my cat now. Be seeing ya!


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Thanks for the sympathy, Donna... LOL
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You KNOW I get cranky when I'm hung over.

Hey KF,

Uh, hon, hate to tell you this but I don't OWN any pink frillies. You must be mistaking me for someone else.

Now if you don't mind, I really need to blow dry my cat before she catches cold.


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good luck blowing drying Moo!
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OH NO !!!!!!!! I missed the party!!

Or at least I dont remember being there...

Whats this about creative use of cheese whiz
BTW, KF do you like cheese whiz???

Hummm and something about my housecoat
TLK did you take my damn houscoat away from me?
No wonder I was hiding in the closet!!!!!

KF just what DID you do with those coat hangers
And where DID you get the pink frillies from???
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Anybody seen my pink frillies? I got them from J. Edgar Hoover back in 1972.


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You mean that was YOUR PINK frillies that KF found

I am begining to wonder about you :confused3

Hope it was just part of your costume?

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so THAT'S what you were wearing on your head!

I thought it was a pink beret!
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Now who's the chubby white haired guy in the bunk...and how do I get a trailerfull of inebriated reindeer off the roof?? MooShoo and Rudolph are having fun playing Emergency Vehicle(siren and flashing red light respectively)

Donna...why are you blowdrying a dust-bunny???

Joe..a true Gentleman,,I'll believe you;even tho the frillies have a name that starts with "D" on em. Nooooo further questions.

Barb...Hon I like CW NOW!!!! Had noooo idea it could be used that way!!!! The coat hangers is a subject I can't discuss here..

BTW..I found the video camera...but the tape is missing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I can't get over the feeling I've already said all this...oh well!!
If you'll excuse me,I gotta go shave my teeth. When does the REAL party start???
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