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Am I LATE? Am I late; did I miss her? Is she hiding? Well, I'm just camping right here til' she shows up! Move over, AP, Donna, Cleo; you have to share this sofa and the blanket and the munchies. . . . . We're waiting, Blue. . . . .
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I brought pigs in a blanket, and cheeze wiz on crackers, oh and some spam balls. mmmmmm

MA is here also! It's a party, now if the guest of honor would just show up!

Hey everyone, I brought some fabian for the turntable! let's party!
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While we're waiting, let us contemplate the color of the planet Venus.



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Joe, are you trying to bring this party to a halt?!?!? :laughing: the music is so loud you can't contemplate anything in here!
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I'm sorry, but could you please repeat that? I can't hear you over all the ambient sound!

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you can go into the laundry room & shut the door to comtemplate whatever you want. it's the third door on the left. Here, take some cheeze whiz & spam with you.

and turn that frown upside down! this is a party! Blue is returning!
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I brought the party hats!

made a cake

cleaned out the fish tank

wiped up the cat tracks off the floor

and turned up the music!

there is a kegger in the back yard

and the costume party judging will be happenin soon! :chicken:

:egypt: Now let's all party!
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:afrorainb I've got my costume!
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Nice try, AP, but I think Joe's "Buffy" costume is gonna win hands down. . . . . Nice touch with the stilletto heels, Mr. Cat! P.S. don't Bogart the Spam, Good Buddy!
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Don't bogart the spam????? Yeah, okay well let's get this party rocking, shall we???

Come on out Blue, it's a full moon. We're waiting Last one on 3LK's wonderbed is a weenie. Speaking of weenies, I've brought some cocktail weenies for your enjoyment.

:mimouse: :mimouse: :mimouse: :mimouse: :mimouse: :mimouse: :mimouse: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

Now all we need is the guest of honor :pinky:

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I think Deb25 is completely believable as Data and bringing in one of her cats as Spot is a stroke of genius!
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Donna; Left over from my "Stoner" days. . . . as in don't Bogart that joint. . . . means don't hog it or take more than your share off it. . . . Am I the only one who ever used that phrase? Come on, someone, back me up. . . . Come on, Blue; where are you?
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I was just joking. I KNOW what that word means and have, in fact, bogarted a few joints myself in my younger days.

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The time is coming,:vampireL:
It draweth nigh
The time when witches start to fly :witch:
The time of shrieks and screams and moans
The time when skeletons rattle their bones :owl:

Come on all you pagans and witches
Come and bring something from your kitchens
Whether it be eye of newt- or pig knuckles
Or kidney soup-

Bring a beer or a bottle of wine
Along with a dish and together we'll dine
We'll laugh and hang out past curfew
While we wait for our old friend named Blue
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Mary Anne!

thank you, that was wonderful
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Okay, I'm going to bring a cheese tray, will that do?
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yoo-hoo....Joe, where'd you go? did you find the laundry room alright? are you contemplating? Are you hiding in that pile of dirty clothes?

Dang it Joe, where are you?!?!?
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i feel a little intimidated by this gracious and unexpected welcoming, let me go gather myself and i'll return
when my energy reaches the level all of you seem to have obtained in this excited frenzied anticipation of MY (yes, little ol me)-
MY long overdue return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be back when i catch my breath
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You finally made it! Welcome back!


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Now sit on the couch Blue, put your head down and breathe in and out in the bag and you will be fine! oh and WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey! that games not until later!
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Well, I was busy adjusting my positronic relays and missed the entire thing. What was that, Blue, a 30 second return appearance? I blinked and missed it.

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I think it was the loud music, overflowing ashtrays, empty pizza boxes and that game of naked twister going on in the corner that scared her away.

Darlene! cover up! and stop spreading that spam everywhere!

come back Blue! we'll behave, I promise!
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so glad you didnt change at all while i was away
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Blue of course you still fit in!

I still have your personalized shot glass!

now who's up for a game of quarters?

Darlene! drop the spam!
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Welcome home!

I'm sorry to be so late, but I got talking in the laundry room (where Air Princess sent me) with the cable guy, then he was busy installing my new inter-net cable service; then we had to wait for the feng shuei master to show up and tell us where the cable modem should be placed; and I just up and missed your arrival!


P.S.: My new and only electronic-mail address is Mister-Cat1@Home.com for your information.
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what shall I bring???
ahhhh :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

and maybe for Deb25...
:evilalien: :evilalien: :evilalien:

and of course for Buffy/Mr.Cat...
:vampireL: :vampireL: :vampireL:

okay Blue...you can join us now...I'm geting old and all this is getting to me! :LOL:
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Well, I waited all nite and she is NOT HERE YET!!! FYI, Mr.Cat is NOT a pretty site the morning after; wobbling around in heels without his Buffy wig and one fake boob lower than the other. . . . . All I can say is; there better be Great omelets for brunch! My mouth feels like a litter box three days past changing. . . . . Anyone bring a tooth brush? What do you mean I can't borrow it!!!!!!! Debby, you are not getting in the spirit of "Morning After Buddies" at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did MeMe and KittyFoot ever show up? Whose housecoat is this in the middle of the floor!?? Okay, never mind!
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I'm whipping up a spam & cheese whiz omelet for you right now! MA has some leftover boones farm and you can have that with your brunch. Some of it spilled in Debs shoe, but we stopped Mr.Cat from drinking it.

Blue is here, somewhere. Last time I saw her she was hugging the toliet and questioning her decision to come back.

somewhere around here is a community toothbrush, last time I saw it Donna had it, or was it cleo
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WHAT???? She was/is here! I missed it. Damn that impromptu game of "Kick the SPAM sculpture!" I think I missed her. . . . Come back, (blue) I din't get a hug. . . . Who loves ya', baby (?)
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