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Its not Emmet with the UTI for once (long post)

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I have been getting UTI's every 2 years or so since I was 18....It was after a bout of Food poisoning I had...anyways I have had them every 2 years ever since....Well a couple of weeks before i moved I got one..I started my regiment of cranberry pills (I cant stomach the juice)...and water almost a gallon a day...then I went to the doctor for antibiotics.....well he perscribed me this kind that I have never taken before called Macrobid......i was a bit skeptical but i took them for 7 days and nothing changed....I returned to the doctor and they gave me Bactrim (sulfa)...this is what I usually take...but yet again nothing happened...My docs office was closed do i went to the emergency room, and they gave me Doxyciclin....it seemed to be going away fine.....It got to the point where I had no symptoms...I went back to the doctor for a follow up, and they gave me a urine culture....and lo and begold i got a call today saying I still have an infection and that the doxyciclin actually hadnt dont anything...and now at my pharmacy waits a forth antibiotic...........
I am sure you can all understand my frustration......I have no syptoms....And concidering I have had this "Infection" for over a month I have not had any back pain, I have not had a fever, and I have not been nauseas.............
So now I am looking into alternatives...I will take the antibiotics, but I know that they can effect my immune system.....and I pride myself on have the immune system of a horse....besides the occasional UTI I dont get sick...I havent had a cold in 6 years...I have never had strep...or an ear infection, or a sinus infection, hell when I had Chicken pox I didnt even get sick, where as my sister had a fever and was bed ridden for 2 weeks....I even remember one timemy friends and I wanted to get out of school so we went to the back yard to a bush of poison ivy...we pulled off the leaves and rubbed them on our selves..(i know thats stupid but we were 9)....out of 5 kids I was the only one NOT to get a rash, and the only one to go to school the next day.......
I also have been reading about how UTI bacteria can grow resistance to antibiotics.....I am wondering if this is my problem.......
I am totally baffled, I feel 100% better since taking the doxyciclin, yet they say the bacteria didnt react to it.....The doctor thinks I might have had one infection after another or maybe even two at the same time.....but I am not sick..I have no symptoms..I am just so frustrated.......
I have been looking at alternatives like i stated earlier.....I have come across a couple of supposed 100% garunteed cured...antibiotic free....but I am not in the possition to be spending money right now on something that may be just a scam.......
So I guess I want from you guys good wishes, stories of a similar nature, and posssibly at home cures...I am stumped......
Thanks guys.......
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It's gotta be nice to have the net again

I don't have any cures or anything. I just wanted to say that I hope they can get rid of it. I am glad you aren't sick, that is odd that it is there, but you don't have the symptoms.
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yeah its great to just be able to vent like this....lol
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Just wanted to bump this to see if the afternoon crew had any advice for me.....
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If I were you , I would try GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) The liquid is bitter, but it is more powerful than the caplets IMO. It will destroy all harmful bacteria it encounters. You can buy it at a good health food store. You just don't want to get it confused with grapeseed extract. They are completely different. Four drops in a glass of orange juice daily should work.
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Thanx MA i will try that
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