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Just frustrated

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I probably wont be able to keep my house. So, my parents have offered to buy me a townhouse .. and then once I can afford it on my own, sell it back to me. Anyhow, I have thought of selling my house if there is a possibilty (which I wont go into), and he has talked to 3 realators, and they say 7 cats is a high liability. Now, Scooter, mind you pees here and there against the wall, and its not a spray .. he just does it to spite me and doest it just to be plain bad. They have told my dad that theyd have to rip all the carpet up, clean the slab, then put new carpet in, and paint the walls over. He mAKES me SOOOO mad when he talks down to me on them. I think I do a good job with them .... Scooter only does this every now and then, and even if I catch him I tell him no and he stops, and then I clean it up. Oh, and then how having 7 cats limits me.
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Well Tigger, sometimes change means hard choices. And if you cat is spraying, it is probably because you have to many cats, and this cat is letting them know he is around and marking his territory. He is not doing it out of spite, he is doing it out of instinct. Seven cats is a liablity no matter how you look at it. I know we pay a higher premium than most on our house insurance because we have ten cats. We also pay more in land taxes because we own two horses they are also liablities. I would look into rehoming some of your cats, perhaps your ex-husband is attached to one or two and will take them off your hands. Go in with two or three cats, a manageable number instead of seven.
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And, how do you suggest I re-home them or which ones to re-home? I wouldnt know who or where to ask? I sure wont take them to the pound or humane society.
My husband wont.

I'd feel guilty. How will I know if they go to good homes? They dont deserve this .. I dont deserve this. And, plus, they are bengals ...
I love my cats with all my heart.

If I absolutely had to, I would let Fluffy & Cinnamon go to a new place. They dont deserved to be locked up in our bedroom .. its not fair to them ... They get along, but theyd have to be in a home with no other cats or animals. I mean, Hissy, do you know anyone in Arizona that you would trust or know? I'd be more likely to trust someone off of here than someone I dont know
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Actually I do know some cat lovers in AZ that I would trust. I know you love your cats, but if they are stopping you from getting on with your life, then you need to just figure out your priorities. Or maybe you can make an arrangement with someone to board them for a few months till you get settled? It sounded to me in your first post that the only way your parents are going to help you is if you remove some cats from the equation. If I misunderstood your post then I am sorry. If you can't afford your house you are in now, and you have an opportunity to get into a house by making a sacrifice, then you figure out if you can manage that sacrifice. Either that or face the possibility of being homeless and losing more than just your cats?
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Oh, no its not that at all Hissy My dad was just saying this is what 3 realators told me if I chose to sell my house. They are actually going to buy me a townhouse and charge me rent, and then when I get to the piont where my credit goes back up & I can afford it all on my own, then theyd sell it to me. He was just saying what he was told.
I just feel bad about if I have to let Fluffy & Cinnamon go, but I know deep in my heart somewhere, that they would be much happier?? Thats the main reason why I cant keep the bedroom open ... Shoot that shuts off an extra 300 or so square feet. My other 5 I could easily care for .. They get along great together.
The people you know .. are they friends of yours? Will they be willing to care for them for the rest of their lives, etc? Or let me know how they are doing from time to time?
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Tigger, I don't really have any advice for you - but best of luck with this situation!
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They are friends, and right now full up with cats and also dogs. Once you tear up your carpeting and flooring and replace your wallboards your stinky smell will go away. Re-homing the two latest arrivals might minimize the stress of your sprayer, and he may not spray again. You can hope anyway. I would contact Bengal Rescue and explain your situation. They do wonderful work in rehoming these cats.
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