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Need Advice

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Okay so here's the situation. My friend Nancy lost her 14 year old dog Harrison to diabetes complications about a month ago. Nancy also has another dog named Tixie who is 18 and a Chiuahua mix, Trixie as you can imagine at that age is quiet, but still has her moments of perkiness, especially if she is within 30 feet of salami! Nancy wants to get a cat, not just for herself but for Trixie, as Trixie is still hunting around the apt looking for Harrison. Nancy works, therefore Trixie is now on her own a good portion of the day. I have a lovely male cat, that hangs around the homeless shelter where I work. He is an intact male, probably just under a year old. He is my no means feral, it took him about three days to warm up to me, now I can even hold him in my arms, he's a real charmer. Our Idea is for me to capture DeNiro, thats his tentitive name, bring him to the vet for the works, including a snip job and then bring him to Nancy's. Nancy has knee problems so she can't capture him, and bring him to the vet, so I volunteered. Trixie has a history of getting along with cats when Nancy had them. So now the questions: Since DeNiro has been a street cat, will he litterbox train easily and will he spray after he is snipped? I have never seen him spray, but of course that doesn't mean anything. He does not seem to be in a rough house kitten stage, he is fairly calm. Would appreciate any answers to my questions and any suggestions. I am all ready with a pre Valentine gift of Feliway defuser. I do plan on bringing him to the vet as soon as I capture him, he will not meet Trixie before then, since even though he appears healthy, we want to be sure. Nancy could easily go to the pound and pick out another little guy for less $, but I would love to see DeNiro get a chance at a better life and go to Nancy. Nancy does not want another dog, since dogs need to be walked (her bad knees) and Trixie only requires/wants a quick walk to do her business.

By the way, I have called rescue organizations until I'm blue in the face, trying to get DeNiro rehomed..so far there is no room at the inn. I am hesitant to call Animal Control, as they only give them 72 hours..and then, well, you know.
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I suspect that DeNiro will have no problems litter training - it seems quite natural in most cats when presented with the most appropriate location to go to the bathroom that they prefer to use a litter box than otherwise. If he isn't spraying now, then once he is neutered he is unlikely to start especially if his companion is a dog - no need to protect sexual territory.

I adopted an unneutered male stray who was just under a year old into my multi-cat household because he had such a warm and friendly personality. I had him neutered and have never had a problem with him in the house and he is now going on 11 years old.

The concern I do have is how the cat will cope with the dog. Trixie is 18? That is quite ancient for dogs, even small ones. It would be great if DeNiro will be able to get a new home with Nancy and Trixie, but that would be my major concern: that Trixie is safe if DeNiro decides he doesn't like the dog.

Good luck with getting this guy a home. If this works it sounds like an ideal situation for all concerned.

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Give DeNiro three litter pans instead of one, and you shouldn't have problems, unless he gets stressed by the dog if introduced to early it can throw cats into a loop of marking their territory.

I would also look at this link here and put a few of these products in your Valentine's Basket- my theory is always this, if you have it, you won't ever need it!

Odor Destroyer
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I would also look at this link here and put a few of these products in your Valentine's Basket- my theory is always this, if you have it, you won't ever need it!

Odor Destroyer[/quote]
Thanks MA...I agree wholeheartedly with your theory!
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Barbara, our last cat had spent 8 years in a feral colony before we adopted him. We got him neutered right away, and never had any trouble with his not using the litter box. We used potting soil at first, gradually switching to regular litter. Straycat had outdoor access, though (cat flap).
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I'd also recommend trying Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter in one of his boxes, with a bit of dirt & leaves scattered on top. If he takes to that readily, you should be able to phase out the potting soil box more quickly.
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