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very overweight cat/change of diet

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Hi there,

I just took my cat to the vet because of a severe weight problem. She's now at 28.6 lbs! Blood tests pretty much came back normal, so there's nothing to do but put her on prescription cat food and change her eating habits--easier said than done!!!

Both my cats have always free-fed. I'd fill up the two bowls every morning (Iam's weight control, by the way--so much for that product!) and let them eat as they pleased. Now, I'm supposed to start feeding them at regular times with the new food (Science Diet r/d) and ONLY at those times, so no more leaving the food out all day.

Well, the fat cat's so pissed she's pooping on the floor, and the other cat now eats too fast and vomits. And they're both just acting crazy not having food out all the time.

What can I do to smooth over the transition??

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Free feeding is never a good idea for inside only cats. I would invest in an automatic feeder and set it up so it doles out a little bit of a time all day (if you aren't home all day to monitor food intake)

The cats are stressed because their routine has changed and it will take some time for them to adjust. But if they get lethargic or you see any other signs they might be off in some way, then get the cat to the vet immediately. Please only change their diets under vet supervision only- otherwise both of them can get quite sick quite quickly
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Just give them some time to adjust...you may want to feed your one kitty that is eating too fast in a seperate area from the other, so there is no chance that she feels like it might be 'stolen' from her, and may begin to relax while eating.

Your plump one, just clean up the "expressions of stress", keep at the routine, get this one to play (i.e. put her food bowl in a room upstairs - say upstairs bathroom, or down in your basement, or up on a cat tree...something to make her have to move a bit to get to her food)..consider a treat ball - ask your vet first - and only as "treats" put in a few pieces of her r/d), be extra loving to them both, they are both a bit confused right now at this change in routine.

Hissy made some great points that I agree with.
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