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Auditioning for...

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Hey guys, have any of you ever heard of the Vagina Monologues? If not, I'm sure it sounds very weird, but I saw it last year. Some people travel the country(maybe the whole world, not sure) and talk to women. This little play is the stories of real women. It is great,, it talks about abuse, neglect, periods, orgasms, cheating, reproducing, rape,,everything. It is so touching and also has a lot of humor in between the sad parts. Dif. women act out the parts of the 'real' women behind the stories, give them a voice, and tell their side of the story. It's more like a collection of monologues rather than a play. Saw a flier saying that they are taking audtions for it. I am sick now and cant audition but if I get better before they end I am going to. I am excited and would be delighted to be part of such a great production, but I must say that it isnt for the modest,,these stories are real and nittygritty detail-oriented stories. The actors really get into it. The scant amount of guys there at the production last year were like, oh god, this is scary, i wanna go home. LOL....so if I even get to audition, wish me luck!
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Good luck in a quick recovery, Sanctie, so you can go out and audition. I haven't seen The Vagina Monologues yet but many of my friends have and they all rave about it. I hope to have the opportunity one day -it sounds great.

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I saw it few years ago and also read the book. Eve Ensler rocks!
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I hope you get to audition, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you
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Sure hope the audition goes great for you, Stevie!
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GREAT show! Break a leg with the audition!

I'm a director with a local production company who also moonlights as a stage manager. In my spare time, I act with a different company. (Oh, and work a full time job.) Too bad you weren't closer. We're casting Girls of the Garden Club this month.
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Oh, I do hope you feel better and can audition!

Its a fantastic show, every person I have ever known to do that show have come out of it..well, I dont want to say changed...but maybe affected?? Its wonderful

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Hope you get to the audition and wow them! You would be great in that! Good luck!
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OMG they are AWSOME!!!!! Soo funny!!!!!! I'm taking my boyfriend to them later this month.... He doesn't know it yet!! hehehe
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