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Help with project?

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Hello all,,
I have to do a group project for my Psychology of Adjustment class, we have to write a 1o page paper on the effects of divorce on children. We have to have lots and lots of references and sources, and we can not rely on regular websites because anyone can put anything on the internet with out it even being credible whatsoever. My plea is, if anyone knows of any great sources or articles I can use it would be so great. Like I said, they can not be personal web pages, it has to be credible scholarly material,,like online databases, journals, or newspapers. So if anyone is bored and wants to help me scour,,,I will love you forever and ever!!(Like I dont already! )
Thanks bunches....................
Oh yeah--And I have tried to hit the library, but most of the written material is out dated (80's) and I need up to date material and stats. So I really must rely on the net with OUT using any personal regular web sites!
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Check if you have access to online journals through your university. One common one is EBSCO Host... but there are tons of them... some specific to the field of psychology.
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Yep if you have a library card you have access to wonderful data bases. Just go to your branch library to the reference section and ask about EBSCO and their other resources
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