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Jinx has yellow discharge, help?!

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So my 8 month old kitty Jinx (female) has had one heat (it ended about 2 1/2 weeks ago) and I'm waiting til my next paycheck to be able to get her spayed. The problem here is that yesterday she started acting a bit weird, the only way I can describe it really is that she just wasn't being her curious-playful self. She was more mellow and sort of "above it all." My boyfriend came home yesterday too after being gone for a week so I thought it was just having to deal with 2 people in my apartment instead of just her and I.

Today she's been making these occassional weird low growly noises. They're not her typical growl, they dont sound aggressive; I decided it was just her stretching or something. Finally I go over and look at her because she's also been licking herself down there an awful lot. I look and see that she has thick yellow discharge coming from her vaginal opening. She let me clean it some with a wet cloth but now she's growling a lot louder and more often. She keeps licking herself to clean the discharge (is that healthy?) and growling. She won't walk normally, she keeps very low to the ground and walks very slowly.

I called the vet they said it might be her going into heat again, but it wasnt like this AT ALL last time. So I'm taking Jinx in tomorrow morning but what until then? Is she OK to lick herself so much? Should I continue cleaning it with a damp cloth? Should we leave her alone completely?

Any advice would be VERY appreciated! Thanks so much y'all!

Jo & Jinx
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To be honest, If this were my cat I would not even wait until tomorrow to have her looked at. Cats should not have any discharge heat or no heat. What you are describing sounds like an infection and needs to be taken care of ASAP. If she has an open infection (meaning her uterus is open) and then it closes she could get sick very quickly. The infection is then trapped in the uterus and can be potentially fatal. If she is not going to the vet before tomorrow, watch her like a hawk to make sure she is alert.
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I would take baby to the vet now .. due you have any animal hospitals... they often will make a payment arragement if $$ is tight ..
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OK so before I even read y'alls responses, Jinx got very unhappy and wouldnt drink or anything. So I immediately called the vet back and they let me bring her in.

The verdict: Although it is extremely rare for a young cat like Jinx to get, she has a "Pyometra". Apprently it occurs usually in mid-to-older cats who have not been spayed. The good-ish news is that it's not a closed pyometra, meaning her uterus is not closed and therefore the discharge is the pus from the pyometra draining out. She had a fever of 104 so thank GOD I took her in.

She's staying there until Friday evening. They are giving her fluids in an IV, they gave her pain medecine because she was wincing (I should have taken a picture, she was SOOO sad and unhappy looking ). She's having emergency surgery tomorrow, they're spaying her despite her illness (which makes me UNBELIEVABLY nervous, poor Jinxy) because otherwise she'll be sick for a lot longer.


That took my breath away when I saw it. Luckily I can work out a payment plan but the interest on it isn't very pretty. I called my father who said my parents will help me out some (Thank goodness I have such pet-loving, wonderful parents!).


Thank You!!!
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Whew I am glad you got her into the vet right away. When I read your post, my heart just sank. I know the $ can be a big shocker, but luckily you got her in on time, and she will be okay.
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I am so glad you got her in, I knew Sandie was thinking pyometra, and so was I when I read the first note in this thread. It's something I had with one of my cats, Misty.

Sending good thoughts her way!
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They have to spay her even though she is sick, because that is where the infection is. Once she is spayed (which will eliminate the infection) she will bounce back very quickly, and be back to her normal self.
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I read yellow discharge and immediately thought pyometra- nasty bad infection that can really do damage. Thank you for being so responsible and acting quickly. You literally just saved your cat's life!
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Originally Posted by Petnurse2265
They have to spay her even though she is sick, because that is where the infection is. Once she is spayed (which will eliminate the infection) she will bounce back very quickly, and be back to her normal self.
Not necessarily - with an open pyo, they can administer medications to force uterine contractions to push out the infection while giving IV antibiotics. This can be a better option in some cats.

With a closed pyo, it is always advisable to do the hysterectomy.

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SO I got to pick up Jinx last night and she was SOOOO happy to see me, she literally jumped INTO the cat carrier (as opposed to usually jumping out of it). She's been the sweetest most loving cat since I got her. Her stitches are scary looking, but as long as she's healing I dont mind.

She also had a red arm-band where her cathetor was, and when I took off the armband a few hours after getting home (as instructed by the vet)...OH MY! It just looks so sad and icky! Her arm is all shaved and she looks like she got in a fight. But it's already looking better today than it did yesterday, so I'm sure she'll be back to normal soon.

Thank You all for your care and good thoughts, Jinx was a trooper and she made it through all the toughest bits. Now I just hope she doesnt get sick again before I can pay off this bill! hehe.


PS Here's a pic of her last night when she got home:

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Yay! I'm so happy everything worked out well for you! I bet Jinx knows just how lucky she is to have you for her mommy and that's why she was so happy to see you.
Here's hoping Jinx recovers super fast!

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What sweet picture of her...glad she's back home and on the road to recovery.
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Thank you for being the responsible one, and acting quickly based on the advice you got here. Your kitty is a cutie! I love those cow kitties!
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Well thanks goes to y'all. This board the best resource I've ever found for advice and caring people.

Update: She got her stitches out today, and her belly looks perfect! One tiny scar, almost like a little flat belly button (*jealous!*). She's back to normal, hyper and playful as always. And I got her that Cat-It fountain after her surgery to get her to drink more water, the doctor could tell she had been a lot healthier from the water!

So YAY!! Jinx is back to normal and all is well in our neck of the woods. Thanks to all your advice and warm thoughts!!
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I'm just so grateful you got her in quickly. She is a lucky kitty!
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Oh what good news, I am so glad it worked out and shes back to her old self. I resisted reading this thread because of the title, but I am glad I did.
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