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Cry Baby

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My cat Sharik lived with my parents and just recently moved in with me. He is about 7 months old, He was doing fine while we were moving stuff in yesterday, and seemed to sleep all night without bothering us or trying to get in to our room. in the morning when I came out of the room he was very affectionate purring and rubbing at my feet and following me everywhere. but when I went back in to my room he started crying wanting to come in with me. I dont' want him to be in our Bedroom. He was also crying when I setpped outside to get something. Do you think that this is because he is not used to the place and our schedule and it will stop?
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Cats are the WORST at adjusting! It will take him some time to be comfortable in his new home. When he lived with your parents, was someone home most of the time?? He is probably missing them. And wondering if you're going to give him away too. I know you're not, but just imagine, he's been picked up, the people he's known for 7 months handed him over to you. Plus, cats hate closed doors. Something is always better on the other side of that door!

Give him lots of loving, cuddles and time. He'll calm down.

Or you could just have a talker. My Pipsqueek will sit in the kitchen and cry for me like he's lost his best friend. When I call him into the living room, 5' away, he comes running in like I've been gone forever.
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well he lived with me first for about 2 months, so he knows me. I guess he is probably just missing another cat that is still at my parents.
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He is probably scared. My cat MyRage was mid pregnancy when we had to move. She was locked in a warm room with two other cats. One that had just moved in (that cat had been living with my parents). MyRage was such a baby the first few weeks. I am not sure if it was because of the pregnancy, or because she was having a hard time adjusting. She lost her kittens though. She ended up raising some that were abandoned instead

When we moved the first time (into the house that she escaped from and got pg) she cried all the time. She would not leave my side. I however, tried to get my cats to see my room as 'home base'. So they could have a safe haven. They slept with us a lot in the first few weeks, then they got used to the house, and started sleeping in their own spots.

SOme cats will adjust quickly, where others it seems forever. Hang in there, love your boy, and he'll cheer up. Big life changes for a small guy.
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He could just be a talker. I have a cat (Siamese mix) that will do that with me in the room. Just yowl and meow and yowl... If I make any sort of noise, he'll stop and come over for petting. I think he has me trained now.
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He's proabably feeling alone and might even be scared when he's left by himself at night. In time he may stop crying at night once he grows older.

Have you though about allowing him to sleep with you? It really isn't a bad thing. I have three cats, and two of them insist of trying to kick me out of bed every night. On the rare occasion they refuse to sleep with me, I can't sleep either because I've become so used to them.

Another kitten might be an idea, too. Kittens love companions! If he has someone to play with and be with, he will calm down a lot.
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yeah I'am trying it right now, he seems to be doing better. as far as another kitten, I'am waiting for it. My friend's cat is preagnant, btw she is my cat's sister, so I want her kitten.
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