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declawing and SoftPaws

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My new kitten is going in to be neutered Wed the 21st. I have other cats and in the past I have always declawed. I came to this site for info on teeth. I saw the thread on declawing and read it. I decided to try the soft paws nail caps. I put them on and Bo hasn't even licked at them. They are working out wonderful. It wasnt so hard to apply because I had been keeping the sharp points off his nails. In the short time waiting for appt. he had destroyed the molding around my door. All the tricks to curb his scratching were to no avail. He hates his scratching post's .
Anyway I am excited about this new product an have informed my Vet. I am taking all the info in to her and Bo will go to be neutered only with his softpaws on. No one in this area has heardd of them. I am spreading the word. Finally and alternative to declawing. The yrly expense is worth it. Thanks for posting about declawing. I will never have it done again.
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Thank you for trying the alternative - the United States is one of the few countries where declawing is still legal - All of Australia, most of Europe and even South America have outlawed declawing as inhumane and animal cruelty! The vets here make too much money (although Tufts University refuses to do the surgery as a few of the vets that have decided to follow their moral standing rather than their purses). The vets do not tell you what really happens when you declaw. Sorry, I always get on the soapbox when it comes to declawing.
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Thanks for the feedback LadyNight! I'm so glad you chose not to declaw this time and I'm really proud that these forums had a part in your decision.

So far, I've only heard good things about Soft Paws. I hope they help saving more cats from declawing. My two babies don't need them, as we're very fond of the shredded lool of our sofas

By the way, I've deleted this same post from the health and nutrition forums as it was a double post. I hope it's okay with you.
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