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Radio question for the day: 02/2/05

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This one was interesting!

If you could have one wish, not for yourself, what would it be?
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Wow, Susie, that's a tough one! I guess I'd wish that hunger, both human and animal, would never be known again!
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This is cliche, but peace on earth. I just read a sad, sad article on genocide occurring around the world and it breaks my heart.
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I'd wish they would find a cure for cancer
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I wish that everyone would have someone that loved them.
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niceness to and from everyone... it kills me that people (meanly) make fun of other people...and dont offer help to people who need it even if it is opening a door for them, people should lend the person in line in front of them a dollar when they are a dollar short to pay for groceries, smile at people you wouldnt normally even pay attention too, offer someone who is alone to come sit with you, buy a meal for someone who cant buy theirself one, if someone drops something...pick it up for them, say please, thank you, excuse me... simple simple stuff, that no one does anymore...
that would be my wish...
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
I wish that everyone would have someone that loved them.
ooh, good thinking... i agree!
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I would wish that my friend Patsy would not have to be in a wheelchair.
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Finally thought of an answer to this (I was thinking about it all day)... I would wish that everyone could do something for a living that they enjoyed.
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No more homeless animals. Definatly.
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That everyone could be happy and that abuse didnt exist.
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i wish everyone could see everyone else's side of things.
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I really wish the EVIL dissapear from the mind of the Humans!
(that way we can avoid wars, kiddnapping and more! )
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All of the above.
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I would wish for everyone in the world to step up to humanity, put aside stupid petty little differences, and work towards saving our planet, and our HUMAN race. as well as takin care of our animals that were put on earth for us to learn from, and enjoy.
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I would wish that every child could live in a loving family.
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