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anal gland fissure

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My female house cat had an anal gland fissure a few months ago. I didn't see it until it was there, no warning sign. We got antibiotics for her, and she was fine. Now there is a terrible looking place on the other side, and I wonder if it's the same thing. It isn't a hole yet, but a nasty looking purple, and red spot about the size of a nickel. My vet seemed surprised that a house cat would have this problem. Today when I talked to her, she said there's no rush since the weather is bad, just wait until tomorrow to come and get antibiotics. Anyone else having this problem with their house cat?
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Welcome to TCS, Nina!I'm so sorry your baby is having this problem. This must be so painful for her.Sure hope you can get her into the Vet as soon as possible so she can have this treated! Please let us know how it goes and how she is feeling!
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Thank you for your concern. I hope to get her feeling better soon. I love her very much.
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Of course you do, Nina, this must be so difficult for you to see her in such discomfort.
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Is she spayed? I'm just wondering if she might be going into heat and rubbing her bottom on something that would cause this? Or scooting on the carpet? Has she been checked for parasites?
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Yes, she was spayed many years ago. If this is the same thing as before, antibiotics will take care of it. I just am not really sure it's the same thing because I didn't see it last time until it ruptured. I guess it happens pretty fast. She doesn't scoot, or act very bad at all. She wanted outside for a while, and she's eating just fine. She licks it a lot though. There's really no symptoms except it suddenly looked terrible. It's snowing here today, and I baby sit my granddaughter so I can't get to the vet before tomorrow. I did talk to her on the phone, and she didn't seem very concerned.
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I hope she gets well soon...
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Thank you, I hope so too.
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