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To Adopt or Not to Adopt...That is the quest

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Hi everyone,
Well, Eponine and I are settled into the new apartment (thank God for Feliway; Eppie is having a blast). My boyfriend's mother (who works for an animal rescue group here in Savannah) says that kitten season is coming up in a few months. I am DESPARATE to adopt a kitten (since it'll still be a few more years until I have children of my own, I guess I am transferring my baby fever onto felines).
Here's the problem: Eppie and I just moved from a house where my roommate had 2 cats of her own: a big, outgoing 1 1/2 yr male and a female that was the same size, age, and even temperment as Eppie. Eppie HATED the male cat, Chili (she'd spray on my bed whenever he came in my room; I had to keep poor Eppie locked up in my room whenever I wasn't home and I HATED that). She was more tolerant of the female cat, but still never socialized or played with her.
I am wondering if I will EVER be able to get another kitty as long as I have Eppie. I'm hoping that if I get a kitten and socialize them properly (keep them in separate rooms for a while, introduce them to each other's scents, etc.), Eponine will be alright.
What are y'alls suggestions/experiences with this? Any recommendation on what sex may be more compatible with a 3 year-old shy female cat?
I hope y'all have some good news for me b/c I want a kitten more than anything, but I don't want to do anything that will upset my Eppie.
Thanks everyone!
PS- I'm goig to post some pictures of Eponine as soon as I get my computer hooked up at home.
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How shy is shy??? I adopted Bakker in November-he is pretty boisterous but that is what I was looking for and my other cats all tolerate him well. Maybe you could get one that is similar in temperment to Eppie. I think a shy cat couldn't handle Bakker.
Good luck!!
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I think you can still get a kitten with Eppie around. There's always Feliway within your reach... but introduction takes time, so don't expect that the instant they meet they'll be forever friends, know what I mean? There are loads of great resources for introducing an older pet to a new kitten online. Hope you'll be able to find a great kitten! Good luck!
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I have always had good luck bringing male kittens into the fold. The girls don't like each other much, but both love Scooter, the baby boy, and Fred, the grandpa kitty.
Pearl is very shy and timid, but will let Scooter sit with her in her spot in the sunny window. He is about 7 months, and still kind of boisterous.
I love my girls, but boys have always adjusted better at my house, especially little red tabby boys. They seem to be extra sweet.
Good luck to you in whatever you decide.
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Have you considered adopting a pair of kittens? It may sound like alot, but the kittens can then play with each other (same energy level), and hopefully not bother Eppie too much.
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I actually have considered adopting a pair of kittens. It'd be great to have siblings! The more cats, the merrier! However, my apt. is only a 1BR. It's a large one BR (950 sq ft)....can 3 cats live in close quarters???
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I was just going to say the same thing as Clixpix!

I think a pair of kittens would be best, if you're looking to adopt a younger cat. I volunteer at a shelter, and a new kitten with an older cat is harder to work out just because of the playfullness of kittens. They want to play all the time, and your Eppie may not appreciate that. This way they'll have each other in case she's not interested.

Your appartment sounds about as big as my house, and I have three cats. Just give them plenty of interactive playtime, toys, and things like cat houses, and I would think they would be alright. You'll be surprised how long they'll keep busy by playing tag and wrestling.
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I think 950sq ft is fine. My apartment is about 700 sq ft. and I have 4 cats (3 females and 1 male.) running around. And the three girls are the bosses around here, they keep the male in line.

Hmmm come to think of it, its just like marrage. Don´t get mad ladies, it was just a joke. Besides my wife´s watching me type and gave me a wack on the head.
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