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Little Poppy's "popping" out....

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I know this probably belongs in the Health forum, but this section gets so much more traffic, and I need some advice before tomorrow afternoon, so here I am.

I am taking one of the 8 week old kittens to the vet on Saturday the 20th, it is now Friday/Saturady morning at 4 a.m.

Over the past few days Poppy has developed a lump in her tummy, it is about the size of a quarter, and changes from flat to "poking out" almost 3/4 of an inch. When touched, it doesnt seem to bother her, and she is Very active and playful. Some timess it is barely there, other times it is Very pronounced.

I am taking her to the Vet tomorrow/today, but I would love some advice?

I think its a hernia, but is there something I maybe overlooking?
Tumour? I have no clue really.
She is by far the most rambunctious of the litter of 4, and has a good appetite,, but this is something I have never experienced.

Thanks friends,
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It sounds like a hernia to me. Tumors generally once there will remain there and either grow or stay the same size. The kitten may have even been born with it.
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Thank you Sandie!
Thats what I think it is too, and am waiting for my boyfriend to get here (slowpoke) and take us to the Vet. Am taking the other 3 kittens for their first shots too...a family outing! :LOL:

What will they do for her if it is a hernia? This is a first for me.

Thanks again,
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Depending on the severity they will either just watch it and see if it repairs itself or they will recomend surgery. Let us know what the vet says
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I'm taking my 3 kittens to be fixed end of Oct and one of the males will have a hernia repaired at that time. Vet says they'll just snip and fix it, so it doesn't cause any problem in the future, and will not be a big deal. I'd rather fix it now, than to wait for problem to arise.
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Just got home from Vet and other errands.

All is well with Poppy, its an umbilical hernia, and Vet says I can massage it and it will diminish, or I can wait until she's old enough to be spayed and if it's stil there, they can "fix" it.

Either way, it isn't hurting her, and will do no harm , unless her intestines start "popping" out of it....

Anyway, all 4 kittens had their first shots, and 2 have future homes, 1 tomorrow, 1 in 2 days.

I am keeping little runt Rudy, he is just too cute and affectionate to give away.
So I only have to find a home for the other Siamese male Louie, who believe it or not, is the most beautifful of the 4....and the most affectionate (to others, Rudy is attached to me, he's my boy!)

I am so glad Poppy's "lump" is nothing major, she's such a love, andghas been claimed since she was 2 weeks old.

Thank you all for the advice,
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