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Abby - Make a kitty feel good for the day, 02/02/05

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Petals speaking: Thank you so much Diane/Stormy and Spyder for nominating me yesterday to be special kitty of the day. It was so wonderful. Trixie and Tiggy were trying to get me to nominate them for today, but I said, NO WAY HOSE'! They are so mean to me. I gotta tell you guys though, there are so many great kitties out there. It's a very tough pick for todays nomination.

For special kitty of the day, today I pick.....


She lives with Robin/Kittykook and has two sons, Cooper and Thomas. She also lives with Shelby and Leo and although Shelby picks on her sometimes like Trixie picks on me, I want her to know how special I think she is!!

Congratulations Abby!!!

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ROSIE: Awwww i know how that feels Abby because Sophie might only be little but she can be rough with me as well, but i still love her

How can no one resist your gorgeous green eyes and you look so young after having two babies!!

SOPHIE: Abby can i come and play with your Thomas and Cooper because their so cute like me!
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Petals, we agree with your choice! Congratulations ABBY !
You are absolutely gorgeous! Wawa says you have very kissable lips!
post #4 of 19 the song says...YOUR THE TOPS! What a lovely green-eyed beauty you are.....Meeeeeeeeeow, Baby!
XXX000 Franz and Maddie
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Milky: Awwwwww Abby congrats Iร‚ยดm so very glad for you, you deserve this and more! I really hope you have a wonderful day Dear!
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Baylee: Abby we think you're beautiful!
Max: Yup we sure do...
Baylee: And you sound very sweet
Max: I think you're VERY sweet...
Baylee: Max! That's enough! Anyway, congrats... you're very special and we hope you'll be our friend!
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Sierra: Congratulations, Abby!You're so very gorgeous, and you have the most beautiful lips! Your face always has such a sweet demeanor!
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Hi Abby this is Winnie, I'm speaking on behalf of us girls- we are in awe of your do you get your eye liner so purrrfect?!

Hi Abby this is Chuckie, I'm speaking on behalf of us boys- How yooou doin? wow you are an amazing kitty, so beautiful! You can come and visit us anytime!!!

Hi Abby this is Diane and I must agree with my girls you sure are beautiful and your eyes are gorgeous!!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Hi Abby this is Winnie, I'm speaking on behalf of us girls- we are in awe of your do you get your eye liner so purrrfect?!
Yes, Molly and I want to know what shade of lipstick you are wearing, too. You are a movie star, aren't you?!

We think it's great that you're showing that single moms can still be gorgeous, have an acting career, and have fun!

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Abby, I always enjoy hearing about you, and you most certainly deserve this. You're beautiful, and you are the mother of two lovely boys! I love that picture of you. Even though you were hurting, you looked like a movie star! You still do....

Orei: Abby, I think you're great. Princess has always been jealous of you, but I think you are wonderful. You're a great mom, and you managed to stay beautiful throughout birth. Not many moms can do that!
Maybe you'll be my valentine?

Princess: I am not! Abby, I think you're an awesome mom, a great rolemodel for me, and other kitties, and I think this day is made just for you.
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Congratulations Abby! You have beautiful green eyes and silver coat
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Conner-"Wow Abby, you really are a HOT momma!(literally)"
Stevie-Yes Abby dear, you are quite the beauty,,good luck keeping those boys of yours inline!
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Gordo-hey sexy momma you have beautiful eyes and I love those lips.
Pitufo- you have a sweet face and I think you are beautiful.
Princess- You are a great mommy and a great kitty.
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Ophelia: Abby, you're such a pretty and petite little girl - just like Meowmy says about me!

Trent: Wow,'re purrrrrrrrty! And you have two kittens? I never would have guessed....
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Well Hello Abby! I know I've seen you before. If you're not doing anything on 2/14/05 perhaps I can take you out? I don't know how you feel about being groomed on the first date, but I sure would like to know if I could? Love your eyes, too.

Love, Angel xoxoxoxo Call me anytime: 1 (800) TOO-CUTE
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Wow! I am SO honored! I'm sorry that I wasn't able to tell everyone how much I appreciate this last night, but my mom's internet connection kept going down so she wasn't able to let me on here.

I'm embarrassed over all the wonderful comments and invitations for valentines, but it makes me feel great to be nominated for such an incredible honor! It is tough some days being the second female in a home with another female who is so bossy and mean to me. But Leo and my boys are good to me. I tend to shy away from the camera which is why my mom finds it hard to get pictures of me. Actually, I have a secret crush on Leo, but he's the strong silent type and won't tell me if the feelings are mutual. I just keep chasing him around hoping that he'll notice me.

Thanks again everyone! I'm totally blown away here!
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Abby you are so beautiful im so happy that you got chosen today!
I wish i could lick your purrrfect softtt furrrrrrrr.
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Such a beauty! Abby, you deserve this honor!
Pixel & Cable
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Calamity Jane: Congratulations, Abby! You are a beautiful kitten! I am so jealous of your soft fur!

Wild Bill: Hey Abby, you sure are a beauty! I think I'm in LOVE! Here's my number: CJandBilly.... gimme a call!!!
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