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I Miss Gemlady & Jasper!!!

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Whatever are we to do?
That computer of hers has been out of service for too long!
Let's post lots of positive thoughts here and maybe it'll just
pop right on and bring her back to us!
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Come back soon jasper and Gemlady
we all miss you very much!!
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Awwww i know!, it's not the same on the vacation thread without them both
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Jan and Jasper, we miss you so much! Lots of special thoughts going your way!
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Yes, we sure do miss you, Jan and Jasper, please hurry back to us!
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Please come back to us Jan and Jasper T!!
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Nicely Thread Amie! Oh Dear Jannie & Jasper We miss you soo much here on TCS!!! Please come back soon!
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I miss being here!!!!
Tho the last few days I would not have been here much due to some systemic infection I've had. I am feeling better and Jasper is mad because I didn't let him outside in the sun this afternoon. I told him we'll try tomorrow.

Until I can get here regularly - I miss you and the fuzz kids soooooo much!!

Thanks for the thread, Amie. It is so nice to know you guys miss me.
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It's great having you back Jan even though it's just briefly!!

Hope you feel 100% soon!
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Miss ya, Jan and Jasper!! Hope you get that %^&^&^&#&^#&^&$#%@$%@$@$@^$%&%*%*&^*^&*)(*&()%&##$%!#$ computer sorted out soon!
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Yes, We want you back!
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Come on Jan...........hurry back! Tiggy is tired of wearing the thong in the vacation thread!!! WE MISS YOU!
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With the help of an AOL (free hours) disk, I discovered my problem was not hardware, but software. My ISP program possibly had a corrupted file. So I downloaded a fresh replacement for my ISP and installed it tonight.


Hope to be hear a lot more in the future. Um, there was a small side-effect of using the library computer. I had to pass the videos and DVDs they have to borrow and I have been watching quite a few... Mostly musicals (Hello Dolly, A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Singin' In the Rain) and Mom checked out others including Harvey, The silent version of Phantom of the Opera. No wonder Jasper wanted to dance with the cast of Cats in the vacation thread!

Anyway, it's great to be able to get on when I want and in the comfort of my jammies!
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Welcome back, Jan!! Jasper!!
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it worked, Amie...brilliant!!! So glad to see you're back!!!
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Welcome back to you both! We missed you!
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