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Dilemma.. what's the best option?

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Hello all, need advice please.

I have 11 kittens at home. About 1 month ago, I added 2 kittens (wasn't able to isolate them- long story) and it was too late before I knew it- everybody caught URI & ringworms. But before everybody caught URI, we had them vaccinated against it less than 1 week before everybody had it. (Did that make any sense?) Anyway-

Two of our "near" 6-month old female kittens are scheduled to be spayed this Saturday. My mom said that we should defer the spaying and instead get their booster (vaccinations). I'm keen about not over-vaccinated them. My kittens age ranges from 4-6 mos. old. They were initially vaccinated less than 1 month ago.

My question is: should we have them vaccinated, or get them spayed instead? I don't want to vaccinate them if the drug wouldn't be of help since they already got URI.

Also, how long does ringworms clear up? I apply Lamisil (2x/day), and clean my room everyday, but the bleach work (1x/week, too busy). Will sulfur soap for humans work as well as the Lime-Sulfur dip (can't find it anywhere here)? I have been diligently applying Lamisil but there is little improvement compared to an French drug I applied with my other kittens. Lamisil makes the lesion "scale"- is this normal at all?

Sorry for my long post, it's that I've tried posting about ringworms, but didn't get any clear answers. Thanks all in advance.

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I'd opt for the spaying first, then let the URI run its course then vaccinate. I am of the opinion that we overmedicate all our animals, but that's just my own opinion based on personal experiences I've had. Most vets won't vaccinate an animal that is ill, and some won't spay one that is ill either. So you would need to find out if your vet would take a cat in for a spay that is sick.
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Thanks Hissy for your suggestion. I would likely go that course.

Btw, could you give me your insights as to our ringworm problem? Thanks.
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