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Fleas? or as hubby says dirt

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My cats have always scratched every other day, maybe? Before I went out and bought revolution(which is very expensive ) I bought a flea comb from a friend who sells cat things to make money for sick cats, and I noticed when I combed my cats things in the comb . My Zeus( who is a russian blue mix) had little black things in his comb(eggs?) and my Hera(tortishell) had white stuff like dandruff, didn't find any black stuff yet. Can this be fleas? And is Revolution the best flea medicine out there or is frontline better? thank you .
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The little black bits could be flea poops. To check, get a damp tissue and put the black bits on the tissue. If the black bits show a red/brown stain when they get wet, then they are flea poops and your cat will have fleas. The white flecks are probably dandruff. My black cat Milly gets this, but it's kept reasonably well under control with a small dose of cod liver oil every few days. I have never used Revolution but I think the Frontline drops are very good, and not so hard to get onto the cat! Fleas can be hard to shift but a good course of treatment is the best way of dealing with them.
Good luck,
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remember to treat you house too or else they will keep getting reinfested. put a flea collar in your hover bag and vacum really well and buy some household flea treatment. boric acid is said to work wonders but i thinkt heres a bit of a debate at how safe it is.
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Chances are the black specks are a sign of fleas. You can usually tell if they have them, yoou can look at places on their head and on their stomach. Also, they will have scabbed areas from scratching. I noticed on my maine coone, Samantha, that she had scabbed areas at the base of her back, right in front of her tail.
I recommend the Revolution, yes, its a bit more expensive, but it works wonders! My calico, Little Miss, had ear mites, and the vet gave me the revolution, and it got rid them. It isnt anymore difficult to apply then the frontline or advantage.
The other thing that you should watch out for, is that if your cats eat a flea egg, they can get intestinal worms, and have to be treated for that as well. Thats why flea control is important. I learned that hard way! Little Miss was a rescue and after a day or so of having her, I started noticing these hard pellets that looked like yellow pieces of rice...thats what worms look like, but there weren't any in the litter box...none on her. I finally scooped some up and put them in a bag and took them and her to the vet. She had tapeworms! This is something that outdoor cats tend to get, but it's a good piece of information to know! Luckily, the other didnt get them.
I hope I helped you some.
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