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"Da Boys"

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I guess I'll just make one thread and keep updating it. Saves me time!

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Aw what great pictures! I love them all... wow!
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Adorable boys, what gorgeous little creatures!
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wow, those are awesome pictures! I wish I had your talent.
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beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
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YAY NEW PICS! OH THAT HAS MADE MY DAY! thank you mikonu darling xxxxx

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they are gorgeous.
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so glad you started this thread!!!
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Very cute nice pics
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Eep! Thank you for such wonderful comments! The boys are going to have another photo session this weekend so hopefully I'll have a good set to post.
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Those are awesome!!! Come to my house & take photos of my boys!!! I love the blk & white ones! Great job!!
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Da Boys are amazingly gorgious, as I have so many times before!!! I Love them!!
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Wow, they are gorgeous!!!
Love the pics.
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Originally Posted by huggles

so glad you started this thread!!!
Franz took one look at your pics and said Hubba Hubba, then I explained to him that you called them "Da Boys"...he just walked away disenchanted and heartbroken! I told him, "See what happens when you can't read?" He promises to start Hooked on Phonics tomorrow. You have lovely lads and a great picture taking talent!
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Oooh...I love pictures of your boys! They're, in a word, gorgeous!
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Great pictures Shanna!! You have a very handsome family!
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wow...i like all the picture

Very extremely pleasant..and very nice.
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I was going to take the boys outside for a photoshoot, but we had a winter storm passing through the islands all weekend. The boys were so sad, they just moped around the house all weekend.

He's a little pissed off because Sebastian kicked him out of his favorite sleeping spot. In turn, he kicked Kionu out of his sleeping spot.

Kung-Foo Fighting----------------------Inspecting the new water fountain

Sleeping in Miko's bed-------------------------------Peek-a-boo!

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