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so called hostage

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Ok guys those terrorist have gone too far this time. Yes it's true they have caputed G.I. Joe. What is to become of us now!!!!

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The photo looks pretty real though.
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The first time I saw the picture, I said That looks like a GI Joe Doll!! If you click on the arrows, it shows the doll in its packaging. The rifle is there along with the flack jacket he is wearing.
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Sure aren't too bright, are they?
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I actually got a pretty good laugh out of that article. Can you imagine them setting that up? Crazy.
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I thought this article on MSN.com was really interesting because it mentioned the previous hoax by an American and that:

"Evan Kohlman, founder of GlobalTerrorAlert.com and a counterterrorism analyst for NBC News, said some details in the picture appear to be doctored. The Arabic text included misspellings and repetitions, The Associated Press reported."

Makes you wonder...were people really expecting this to be passed off as true for very long? Weird!
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Well that is different.
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