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Do You Think My Butt Looks Big?

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I've always known that Shelby likes to squeeze herself into things that are obviously TOO small.......but I just had to laugh at her today lounging in this small basket.

I think she must still think of herself as a kitten. She doesn't realize how big she is now.

What are YOU looking at? This basket is just right for me!

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I love the pics!!!
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That is really funny.
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I love them too. Perfect fit, Shelby.
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love it lol
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She's so cute.
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Thats too cute !!!!
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Shelby looks beautiful and that basket fits her just right!
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She seems to think it's a perfect fit Cute picture
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Beyond cute!!!!
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What about me? Does this fur make my butt look big?

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Those are cute, I love pics of kitties in baskets. They obviously think they are smaller than they are.

Here is the classic Sam photo called "Does my butt look big in this?"

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LOL! Love the Miko and Sam pics too!
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Oh good grief those are so funny!!!
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great pics you three
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Very cute
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Oh, too cute, that is hilarious!
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Oh those are HILARIOUS!!
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She must be comfy -- look at that contented face! adorable.
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There's Myth's sis again Mystyc does that all the time. For now Shade still fits into almost everything she wants to lay in. I can't wait until I can make fun of her being too big to fit in her kitten spost... LOL

yay for Shelby
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how about this one of Pixel, called 'I so totally fit into this box!'
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What a doll!!
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How cute,,ofcourse you fit just right!!!
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