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Make A Member Feel Good 02/01/05 Ash_Bct

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Its my turn to nominate someone and even though I want to nominate a few people I have chosen to nominate....

Ashley.... (aka Ash_Bct)

Ashley my friend
This day is for you....

you mean the world to me and I hope you know that - I am so thankful for our friendship. You are always there for me or anyone else that may need a supportive word or someone to lean on, you always know just the right thing to say and know if they just need a hug
You are also there to have a laugh with and you SO make me laugh!!! And even though we are so many thousand of miles apart I feel like i have known you forever and honestly feel like your just around the corner!!

You are a wonderful true friend to me, Tipsy & Cedar who love their Auntie Ash so much....

I good go on and on Ash - but you know that I love you
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Ashley, you are such a good friend to me - I hope this you are having a wonderful day! Love to you and your gorgeous kitties!
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Ashley you are a great friend and great person. I love reading your post and seeing your beautiful kitties (especially Baker). I hope you have a great day.
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Ashley, I'm really having fun getting to know you better on the Vacation. You're a whole lot of fun to hang out with.
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I really enjoy your funny posts! In honor of this great event, you should tell Tango to hop in his car and take you out for dinner!
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Thank you all SO much!!!
You have all really made my night

Chris, hehe its actually Baker's car and I dont think he would be so happy if Tango took it for a drive... He doesn't trust her with his car at her age But that is a GREAT idea!!! I'll talk to him about it!!!

Thanks to you all!
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Oh yes! Sorry Baker!
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Ashley, you are one of the nicest people I've met in this site. Love your posts and pictures, too!
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Aw sorry I got so late to this thread! Ashley I had so much fun getting to know you on the SS thread (may it RIP after the crash)... you're so great, have such a great sense of humor and I have so much fun posting when you're posting on the same thread! I'm so glad to call you a friend, or was it best friend?
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Ashley, you are a kind and generous person with fantastic kitties to boot~
*Sasha is eyeing Tango again*
You are wise and witty and so very bright. It's wonderful to have you here!!!
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Ashley, my SS who send me and DeeDee the wonderful gifts I'm glad you got nominates You were you very nice and helpful to me during the time when I lost my little Cleo
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Ashley you have a sweet personality and always ready to give someone support whenever they need some!
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i never see you on yahoo though
But i do love talking to you and you have been there for me in my down times so im so glad that you have been nominated
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Hi Ashley, Super Ultra Congrats!!!
You deserve this and More, You´re a fantastic, tender and lovely person, who always have something good to say!!! I´m proud to be your friend!
Enjoy it!
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