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Something strange woke me up

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It was weird. I think it started with a dream that I was smoking a cigarette. I could taste and smell it. I woke up. I have not had a cigarette for years. I switched on the lights. The room was clear. No sign of smoke. I COULD STILL SMELL IT!!! It was too strong to ignore it! It's 4:30 a.m. It's dark, Maybe the house is on fire!
I run out of my bedroom. Everything is normal, the cats come runnning thinking it's breakfast already. I take a deep breath. Air is clear. I walk the entire property smelling the air. The garden is okay, kitchen, bathroom, garage...all okay. I go back to my bedroom. It is odorless too. Very, very strange!
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What an odd feeling that must have been! Some dreams are just sooo realistic! My dreams are alway extremely vivid, and I often wake up and have to remind myself it was just a dream and that is not an actual occurrence.
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Okay, that is too weird! Last night I had a dream that my husband offered me a cigarette and I was dying for it! I knew it would taste good and calm me, and I was pissed when he ended up not letting me have it. What's funny is I have NEVER smoked, ever. I woke up around 4am and have still been thinking about it all day today. I have those dreams from time to time and they really stick with me.
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Thats weird. Could it be some form of night terrors when you are awake and still dreaming but your smell thingy is still working? I often dream about things and wake up and Im still dreaming. Like the other night, I dreamed that someone was pointing a gun at me from the side of the bed and I woke up and I could still see it - so I grabbed onto Jake and hid under the blankets until I looked again and it was gone. I hate that!
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Thank you guys! What a relief to find that others have had a similar experience.
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just a thought....but did you have a window open at all???...maybe someone walked by with a cig???....or maybe you just a had a totally sensory overload while dreaming...I had a dream I got shot...I felt it even after i woke up...it was very freeky....the brain is capable of amazing things
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I've had dreams of houseguests, and gone looking for them after I've gotten out of bed!

It is possible for your senses to overload your dream. I've had dreams of loud sounds, only to wake to find my alarm has been going off for 5 minutes! Or I'll be sitting in a bar listening to people talk, to wake to the tv playing.
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