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Euthanasia at home?

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I'm new to the forum ... and I need some help. My 16-year-old Siamese (Bailey) is quickly declining in health. She's not eating, barely drinking, is growing weak, loses her balance at times, ... and I don't want her to suffer. I hope I don't offend too many of you ... but I know that it's her time ... and I was just hoping there was something I could do at home vs. going to the vet ~ to save her all of the extra commotion. Has anyone done anything like this before?
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Pam, I haven't had to euthanize a cat yet but I've thought about what I'd do when the time comes. (My cats are both 2.5 years so, hopefully, this will not be soon). Anyway, my cats HATE going outside the apartment and being anywhere but home. Since I would want them to die peacefully, I would probably ask the vet to come visit me and euthanize them here. I believe some vets do that. You should call and ask.
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Hi Pam,
I have been in the position you are in now. I had all my cats p.t.s at the vet. For various reasons but a lot of it was cost unfortunately. I just could not afford to have the vet come to the house. Also, and I hope this doesnt sound cruel but what am I going to do with a dead cat. I love all my cats but it is the soul inside not the furry outside that I love. I dont bury them in the garden either as I feel I could not leave that home if I did that as it would be like leaving them behind. A lot of people do not feel like that though so it is a personal choice. My partner had his dog pts recently and the vet came to house and the dog was then taken for cremation and he got the ashes back later. This came in at about £500/£600 which is I am afraid totally out of my reach. You must do what you feel is right for you but I had appointments made for my cats and the surgery was empty so I did not upset other people. It was quiet and I got to say goodbye and hold my cats. the vets are very kind at this time.
It is as I say a personal choice but most vets will euthanize at home.
Take care
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My parents had a dog and a cat euthanized at home by their vet in the last few years, and found it much better than at the vet's office. My sister is an RN, and has euthanized at least two of her pets with shots supplied by her vet.
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My good friend has had 2 of her cats euthanized at home (one last Friday) and it was so much easier on herself and the cats. I have had 2 dogs euthanized at home and found that to be much less stress.

The only thing that has made me feel a bit uncomfortable was walking into the room where we had it done. In the case of our 75 pound dog Jethro, he became paralyzed overnight from a fast growing spinal lesion. He was in too much pain to move and it was our only option to have the vet come out. We had it done on his bed in the middle of the living room and it took a few years to get the image of that event out of my head.

I am so sorry that you are going thru this right now.
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I am so sorry to hear what your going through right now what a selflish decision you are making to ensure that Bailey does not suffer. I have heard of many people getting the vet to come to the home and I hope that this is something that your vet will be able to do for you...

thinking of you at this time - please know that we are here for you anytime if you need to talk
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I´m so sorry to hear that.. my thoughts with you...
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I would encourage you to have your vet call at your home, and put your cat to sleep promptly. You are keeping her alive when the reality of it is she needs to be placed out of her pain. A good kind vet will come in to your home and give her one shot while you hug her, and her pain will be eased. I pray you will do the right thing by her. It is clear by her age that you are a good caretaker for her. Don't fail her now when she needs you to make this clear decision for her, one she cannot make for herself.
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last month our family had our precious willy, 19 yrs. old, put to sleep in our home. we placed him in his favorite bed, and kissed him as he left to go over the rainbow bridge. going to the vets office is very difficult for the kitty, and you also. i do hope more people will do this for our beloved cats.
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My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. I've had to take all my cats to the vet, but my horses were put down at home. For some reason, when the vet left after the horse, my dog would look at me sorrowfully then turn her back on me (she was normally extraordinarily affectionate and devoted to me). As for Bailey, I think that you have a great idea in having the vet come to your house. But if there are other pets, I would recommend secluding them so they don't know what's going on. Be of good courage during this difficult time - you have a dear heart to love your cat so much and so selflessly. And go in peace, dear Bailey! Angels await you and the TCS angels are here online to comfort and aid your meowmmy for you.......
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Yes, ask your vet to come to you. Most don't mind, and it doesn't necessarily cost such a lot. For instance, our vet charges only a bit more for a home visit than it costs to take the animal to the surgery, and we are 10 miles from the surgery. Most vets will also take care of the remains too if you need them too. Please give your cat a hug from me, I'm thinking of you both.

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Pam, its been almost 4 weeks now since my 18 year old Siamese Beauregard (Bosie for short) was put down at the vets office. He spent Friday all day there, and she let me take him home for the night, and said he had to return next day. The next morning he refused for the first time to o into the carier. I ended up forcing him in. He spent another 7 hours at the vets office in a cage. When I came to see how he was doing, he was short of breath, and when she brought him to the table, he groaned and put his head down, facing away from me. I knew then that what he had been through was what I never wanted him to go through. I told the vet I didn't want to take him to a specialist, as he might die on the way, and most importantly, he was suffering. I told the vet to please put him down. As she injected phenobarbital, Bosie looke right into my eyes and then died.

It should never have been this way. He should have died at home with me holding him.

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