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Hi y'all --- from Texas!

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I just joined this forum a few days ago. I also own boxers and I asked on my boxer forum for a good cat forum, now here I am. I actually was looking for a place for my friend and co-worker to get information regarding Persian cats. She just rescued a persian from our local animal shelter and will be needing some input. You will hear from her soon.

I have been owned by two siamese cats for over 3 years (my daughter thinks they are hers). They came to me as the cutest kittens and have developed into the most well-behaved, attention loving friends. No one can resist them. My fiance told me he didn't care for cats, but one of them is usually in his face. He tells them they are alright for cats.

My Kalua is a spayed female lynx point who is so round that she sleeps on her back. My Amaretto is a red point male ( also overweight) who thinks by breasts are his bed. He waits for me to lie on my back and traps me there. He is the best companion in the world!

We used to have indoor/outdoor cats, but their lifespan was too short. These two have been outside less than a dozen times in their lives and the distance they traveled was no farther than the front porch. I love it. I feel like they will be around forever for me, even though I know that is unrealistic. I don't know what I will do when my 17-year old daughter comes to me after college and says "I am taking my cats." I am not sure, but I think that will be our first fight!

I have only read a few posts so far, but I look forward to more cat stories! Maybe I will have a few of my own.

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Welcome to The Cat Site! I went to college for two years at A&M before I transfered to Texas Tech. It's beautiful there. Your cats sound so wonderful. I love the "in your face" sort of cats.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It is a wonderful place!
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A great big from
Tish,(The human kitty) Mishka Roxane Monty and introducing Moofey
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Be warned, I came here months ago with the intention of getting a little info on a situation I had regarding introducing a new cat to my (then) 1 cat household.
Here I am, months, 560 posts, and 5 new cats later, totally addicted to this site! :laughing2:

You have been warned!

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Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the warning!

I have been a cat lover -- forever ---!!

It will not be hard getting addicted! There is just not enough time in the day to read everything. I may have to set up a viewing calendar for myself!

Thanks again!
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Welcome Amaretto!!!!!!! I love your cats name's......Amaretto and Kahlua are two of my favorite drinks!!! :laughing: :LOL:

I hope you enjoy this site, and look forward to seeing more of you!
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wow! you have a huge family!
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Thanks alot Debby. I used the name Amaretto as my login because he is my vocal cat.

Archer, there is a lotta love in my house! :goodbad:

Have a good day, all!
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I am new here too. hope to see lots of you on here. Texas sounds better then Toronto today - it won't stop raining!
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