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Help with Mothers cat

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My elderly mothers house cat has been displaying behaviour that is becoming troubling and I wonder if anybody could please help.
Sally (the cat) is about fourteen and my mum adopted her after her previous owner died 2 years ago. She sleeps all day and is awake for most of the night, we have tried to entertain her during the day to encourage sleep at night, Sally ignores us. During the night she runs around the flat and meows, If she uses her litter tray she insists it is cleaned immediately waking my Mother up to get the job done! My mum has tried putting her in a separate room at night but Sally scratches the door, meows and whines very loudly. She was taken to the vets and was diagnosed with cystitis and dental problems, both of these problems were treated but have made no difference. My mother has tolerated this behaviour for about a year now, but she has just had major surgery and needs her sleep, she is getting so distressed that she is considering having to re-home Sally which she doesn’t really want to do can anybody please help. Thanks
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This cat might be exhibiting signs of senility.
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Cats are nocturnal. Well.. they're supposed to be, but my three go to bed hours before I do. It's hard to break them of the cycle. Our last cat used to stay up all night with me. I have to admit it was never a problem, and I have no ideas on how to get them to switch their days and nights around.

As for the litterbox behaviour, use more than one box. That way the cat will always have a clean place to go during the night and hopefully won't want her box cleaned right then.
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