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I just wanted to check in to see how Persil is doing after her major surgery. Jenny, how about an update?

I just need to have an excuse to see a picture of her every now and again with her sisters Duscha (sp?) and Ellie.
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Hi there. She is progressing nicely, and the fur is beginning to grow back on the abscess site. She still seems a bit thin, though she is eating well, and I am supplementing her diet with egg and milk, which she loves. But I have to confess that every time she hiccups, burps or makes the slightest sneeze, my heart leaps and I think there is something wrong. Her breathing is still a bit fast, though the vet thinks it is OK. I just can't believe that she was so close to death (about 3 minutes away if that surgeon hadn't come in) and now I have her with me, playing and loving as normal. She is picking fights with the others and hunting her mouse, and doing all the usual kitten things - it is great to watch. And when she cuddles up to me every night I feel so grateful. I have a problem with my digital camera which seems to have packed it in - as soon as I solve it or buy another I shall post some new pix.
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This is such good news to hear! Thanks for the update Jenny!
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Jenny - it's lovely to hear that Persil's doing so well. Thanks for the update.
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Jenny, I'm so happy to hear that Persil is doing well! She's such a precious little girl.
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awww I was JUST thinking of Persil yesterday
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Thanks for the update Jenny. I just can't seem to get enough of Persil. I'm so envious that you get to cuddle with her and I don't. She's a little doll kitty.
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Well. you have your two gorgeous boys to cuddle!
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Yay Persil, I'm glad the surgery was a success! poor thing, had a rough bit there, to say the least, but she's back with you, and healthy, and leading her normal life just as it should be.
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Hai Persil!
My meowmy told me that you were very sick and that you are doing okay now!
I just wanted to give you a to get well
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thanks Teufel!!
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i'm so glad persil's ok and can start to enjoy her kittenhood again. she's such a cutie!
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Wonderful news, Jenny! Persil, you're such a little miracle!
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I'm so glad Persil is on the mend!

Good job little Persil!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Wonderful news, Jenny! Persil, you're such a little miracle!
That's exactly what I was thinking - she's a miracle.
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I know - I won't really believe it until I see the final Xrays in 2 months time and I know that that there is no hole in her diaphragm and that the internal stitches have all healed and dissolved.
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I'm glad that Persil's doing better. She is such a cutie!!!
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